Gooee’s New IoT Lighting

Gooee is the front runner and steadily paving the way for the future of LED lighting and intelligent lights. Intelligent lighting is about to make it possible for every space with the proper sockets to be equipped with IoE lighting. Not only are LED light bulbs less expensive, last longer, and are more energy efficient, but they come with new capabilities that allow them to be routed to hubs of information for data collection and remote control.


Up to code, energy efficient buildings called “smart buildings” will without a doubt be using Gooee smart lighting systems to illuminate their structures. Intelligent lighting isn’t just about the ability to turn lights on by entering the room and turn them off by leaving it. There is a whole “spectrum” of other features, pun intended. They have the ability to collect wireless data and report it back to a hub.


Smart lighting sockets have the ability to wirelessly connect to bluetooth and wireless systems making it possibly to remotely control the lights. These micro chips embedded in the sockets actually function to detect light at the level of the human eye. This means controlling light temperature, light intensity, and the ability to work with the human body and circadian rhythms. This is good news for residential smart buildings, schools, and businesses that are building their new structures based on smart features like IoT LED information systems.

Who Is Jason Halpern?

Jason Halpern is a businessman and real estate developer who hails from New York. He was born on January 1st, 1975. At 41 years old, Jason already has a wealth of experience in developing, constructing and marketing properties.


Mr. Halpern created JMH Development, a real estate development firm in 2010. He is now principal and managing director at JMG Development. His real estate development company, has over half a billion dollars currently invested in various residential and commercial properties in the state of New York.


Real estate development is in the blood of Jason Halpern. His family has been involved in real estate development for over three generations now. The Halpern family has constructed hundreds of apartment units in Westchester County, New York and in New York City. They have also successfully developed and constructed millions of square feet of commercial and retail space within Westchester County, New York. Jason Helpern continues the family legacy of real estate development and construction in New York and beyond.


Jason Halpern is very different than most real estate developers who rush into a project and look for the quickest way to make a buck. Many developers ignore the historic value of buildings and do not think of preserving the unique history attributed to a building. Jason Halpern wants to preserve the history and unique elements of a building or neighborhood when he develops a project. Mr. Halpern also has a strong fondness for actually developing in historic neighborhoods and turning them into thriving neighborhoods once again.

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen
Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen

When Jason Halpern develops real estate, he develops a relationship with the people of the city where he will be developing. He believes in not only respecting the people of the community but also the historic significance of any structures in the neighborhood where his firm will be developing a new property. This view is a guiding principle of JMH Development.


One of Jason Helpern’s Development’s landmark projects in New York City is called 184 Kent. Jason’s firm JMH Development managed to turn a waterfront warehouse designed by Cass Gibert into a luxury apartment building. The warehouse, which was built in 1913, used to be occupied by the Austin Nichols company, which was then the United States’ largest grocery store.

JMH Development led by Jason Helpern managed to preserve the historic feel, design and structure of the warehouse as it was transforming it into a luxury apartment complex. 184 Kent is now listed as a national historic landmark in the registry of historic places in the United States. The apartment complex is also the first luxury apartment rental community in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. It features a world class gym that overlooks the East River and also has stunning views from the upper levels.

James Dondero Joins Business School

The co founder of Highland Capital Management James Dondero has recently been appointed to join the Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business. He has been appointed to the Executive Board and will therefore participate in helping the school provide the best student experience. This recent appointment is an expansion of James Dondero’s and Highland Capital Management’s commitment to assisting the university. Along with being appointed to the school’s Executive Board, James and his company have endowed the school with the Highland Capital Management Tower Scholars. With this program, students will be encouraged to pursue academic and professional opportunities in public policy.

James Dondero founded Highland Capital Management in 1993. With his firm, he has helped manage a number of hedge funds and private equity securities for many clients. Dondero and his firm often assist large companies such as institutional investors manage their capital. For over two decades, James has been able to introduce a number of financial security options such as collateralized loan obligations. With the assistance of James and his firm, large companies will be sure to get the best returns when investing their capital. The success of James Dondero and his firm have led the company to expand to foreign markets in countries such as Britain, South Korea and Brazil.

Dondero attended the University of Virginia and majored in accounting and finance. He would complete a bachelor’s degree in both of these fields and graduate with high honors. After he completed college, James then began working in the finance industry as a credit analyst. This position allowed him to gain some important experience that would help him advance in his career. Over the course of his career, he would get positions of higher responsibility in the finance industry. His advancement peaked when he became the chief investment officer of a firm. At this position, he would manage the capital for large companies such as American Express. When managing capital for these companies, James would oversee assets as much as $2 billion. After working the finance industry, he would then found his own firm to pursue his goal of becoming an entrepreneur.

The Business Accomplishments of John Goullet

John Goullet is an IT expert and a business person who has made significant achievements in his career. He first worked as an IT consultant, but he changed to be an IT staffing expert in 1994 after starting Info Technologies. Goullet founded the company after seeing that the staffing sector had a high potential. The primary customers that the firm served were the Fortune 500 companies. Info Technologies understood what the cooperate world needed, and it worked towards satisfying the demand that was in the sector. John was the CEO of the firm, and he ensured that it grew into a big enterprise. The Inc. Magazine recognized Info Technologies as one of the United States’ fastest growing businesses. In 2010, the firm was merged with Diversant Inc. to create Diversant LLC, and at that time its worth had growth to $30 million dollars. Goullet currently serves as a principal executive of the company.

Diversant LLC is a company that primarily provides IT staffing solutions. It is currently regulated by the United States government as a minority owned enterprise since most of its shares are owned by African-Americans. Diversant has specialized in offering a broad variety of services, which include reinforcement of IT staff, creative services, and direct contracting. The solutions of the firm have been established on an outstanding set of policies, which ensure that its clients, associates, and the industry’s stakeholders are fully satisfied. It has also ensured that it has excellent relationships with customers by using consultative approaches, which make them feel like they are real business associates.

The clients of the firm have been getting well trained IT experts who have the skills that are needed in solving the IT issues that affect them. It has been ensuring success by applying rigorous processes in hiring employees. Diversant LLC does consider not only the academic qualifications of individuals but also their experience and talent. The company has always ensured that the experts it employs are highly skilled and they can design applications that can appropriately help the clients in solving their IT problems.

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Diversant Principal John Goullet

Does Dr. Clay Siegall Have What It Takes To Lead Cancer Research

Cancer Research is one of the most talked about subjects in modern day times. The deadly disease is so widespread that just about everyone on earth has been affected in some form or way. Cancer medicines, treatments, procedures, and methods have changed throughout the years and there is one company that is currently leading the charge. Seattle Genetics is a biotechnology company led by Clay Siegall, that focuses on the development and commercialization of Antibody Based Therapies. This crucial fight against cancer is constantly evolving and with these specific therapies present, cancer is experiencing a devastating blow. Antibody Drug Conjugates are the stars of this style of therapy thanks to their affects on cancer and the human body. (ADCs) are highly affective because they deliver a devastating injection of cancer killing agents right into cancer cells. Patients tend to experience less side effects also since the advanced technology spares non-targeted cells.

It takes a brilliant mind to lead a ship of such magnitude and Seattle Genetics is no exception. This biotech company is led by Dr. Clay Siegall. Siegall has a huge resume of success within the industry, but it’s his strong passion to help others which sets him apart from his contemporaries. Dr. Siegall has a Ph.D in Genetics from George Washington University as well as a (BS) in Zoology from the University of Maryland. The question may be asked “is clay siegall over qualified?” When it comes to cancer I’d think it’s better to be over qualified than underqualified. Dr. Siegall is no novice to the field and has many years of experience in the business long before Seattle Genetics was founded.

The good doctor has worked with some of the most prestigious institutes in the world such as Bristol-Meyers Squibb and The National Institute of Health. With the huge success of Seattle Genetics (ADCETRIS) Technology, the company has multiple strategic licenses with organizations like AbbVie, Genentech, Pfizer, and GlaxoSmithKline. The future looks bright thanks to Clay Siegall and the leading cancer research center of Seattle Genetics.

Tips for Betting on College Football

One of the most exciting collegiate sports to watch on a weekly basis is college football. The top division of college football is comprised of over 100 teams that are put into over a dozen different conferences and divisions. Each week, the teams compete in games against one another, which ends up comprising a 12 game regular season.

While college football is known for having powerhouse programs that tend to get the best recruiting classes and always seem to be ranked among the best teams in the country, the sport is still very competitive. Every week it seems that an unknown school will come in and beat a team that was considered a finalist for the national playoffs. The reason that college football is so competitive and that anything can happen is because the teams all have to deal with the fact that their players can only play for four seasons. This leads to high team turnover each year, which can make each team’s level of success hard to predict.

While watching a college football game on TV is a lot of fun, it can also be fun and lucrative to gamble on the games. If you were looking to gamble on a regular season game, it would be a good idea to visit to start. is a website that will provide you with the best lines and odds available, will give you plenty of insider information to help you make a better decision, and can even give you tips on games that you were not previously considering.

While the regular season is exciting, the postseason games tend to be the most popular. Each season will end with a variety of conference championship games, about 20 different bowl games, and even the four-team playoff that is selected by a panel of experts. Once the lineup of bowl games and playoffs are selected, it is also very fun to gamble on the games. When visiting you will find that each game is highly scrutinized by the experts, which will conclude with suggestions on what may be a good bet to take advantage of. You will be able to make a variety of best including straight wagers, money line bets, parlays, and other bets that can help you to get the best return possible.

Significant Contributions of Mr. and Mrs. DeVos to the Education Sector in the U.S

For the past 30 years, Mr. and Mrs. DeVos have been in the political limelight. Betsy has served on the Republican Committee while Dick once runs for governor on a Republican ticket. They own a company, Windquest. This organization is invested in technology, manufacturing and on sustainable energy. It launched in 1989. One of the crown jewels of their empire is the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. Education has always been a dear topic to the power couple. They have built and supported nonprofit organizations like the Alliance for School Choice, the American Federation for Children (AFC).

The Future Looks Bright

Speaking in an interview with, Mrs. DeVos reiterated her confidence and optimism on the signs of progress made by the publicly funded, private choice programs across the nation. The number of students enrolling in the educational-choice programs stands at around 25,000 and this figure is expected to keep on rising, indefinitely. Essentially, the program is aimed at providing a safe environment for kids. The education savings account makes it possible for parents to save.

Michigan’s First Charter School Bill

Their motivation to set up the project arose from witnessing the suffering of the low-income parents in Potter’s House Christian School in Michigan. Dick ran for the chair of the State Board of Education and got elected in 1990. Three years later, the couple was involved in the passing of Michigan’s first charter-school bill.

Mrs. DeVos’ biggest achievement is the introduction of the tax-credit scholarship program in Florida. Moving forward, she predicts that there will be over 1 million students in their programs in the coming years once states like Louisiana and Indiana come onboard. Her only concern, however, is the issue of partisan politics interfering with the tremendous progress already made. To her, education ought to be non-partisan.

Raising Public Awareness

The couple has had to use their resources to put up billboards, web ads, mailings and even using radio stations. Also, they have worked with the local leaders especially the parish leaders to get them to convince the poor parents of the benefits of the voucher programs.

About Dick DeVos

The 61-year-old businessman started his career as the CEO of Amway in the early nineties. Forbes named him as the 67th richest person in the U.S with total a net worth of $5.1 billion. After serving as the president of Orlando Magic, the NBA franchise, for a while, he quit and returned to take over the helm of Amway, their family business. Dick DeVos is a top contributor to the Republican Party in his home state of Michigan. He is married to Betsy DeVos, and they have four children.

InnovaCare Adds Three Leadership Positions To Their Managed Health Care Program

InnovaCare works hard to ensure that their clients are number and their health care program is a top priority. They lead the industry in managed health care and believe in building a strong team that is willing to embody their mission statement. Rick Shinto, M.D., MBA & President and Chief Administrator Officer of InnovaCare values the worth of building a strong team to better serve his clients. A team that works together will know how to give the beneficiaries the right advice that will help them choose their program options. Their managed health care plan offers their customers a Medicare Advantage Plan with additional extended services.

InnovaCare has over 690,000+ satisfied beneficiaries nationwide. They were named in a recent PRN News article as one of the top managed health care providers in North America. They are proud to announce that they have partnered with other managed health care providers to bring their beneficiaries additional coverage that is important to their health and well being. The original Medicare Plan has limited service options, but InnovaCare offers routine medical and dental options as extended coverage under their Medicare Advantage Plan according to Penelope Kokkinides.

Business Wire has reported that InnovaCare Health has added three additions to their Puerto Rico subsidiary in an attempt to improve their services to include superior coverage to their residents. In a complex medical environment their managed health care provider wants to build their leadership and is proud to have their new members as a part of their team. The ever-changing forefront of health industry requires a leading managed health care provider. Beneficiaries on can rest assured that they will get the coverage they need tailored to fit their unique medical needs. Low income and elderly individuals have the option of getting affordable managed health care options.

Most beneficiaries complain about the cost of the Part D program because this covers your prescription drugs and can be expensive. InnovaCare strives to keep the cost of prescription drugs affordable. Beneficiaries are responsible for a small portion of their monthly premiums, but the federal government picks up the rest. You would also have to pick between a Part A and B coverage plan to coexist with your drug prescription plan. You will have the coverage that you need when you need it because they provide remarkable coverage that is unmatched by other managed health care providers with InnovaCare.

Gooee’s Smart Lighting

Consumers find smart lighting very appealing in terms of value, convenience, and emerging technology. Many are expressing strong efforts to understand the relevance to their situation. Of course, Gooee Smart Lighting is willing to invest their time in bringing customers up to date on the new emerging Smart Lighting technology. The fact is that adding smart technology to the home is a big payoff in terms of energy saving. Understandably, this is one of smart lightings main attractions. Researchers state that the day of incandescent bulb lighting is ending, while the smart lighting market is steadily growing.

Smart Lighting
Home automation interest a growing number of homeowners. Certainly, smart lighting is a vital part of home automation. If the goal is to build a smart house, begin with a full smart lighting system. Start by consulting with Gooee Smart Lighting about a complete smart lighting system for the entire home. Smart lighting consists of modules that are plugged into a hub. Some lights are controlled by connections to mobile devices or Wifi. Others operate with sensors that turn on or off, under certain conditions. For example, a person walks into a room and the lights go on. The person leaves the room, several seconds later the lights turn off.

Smart Lighting Advantages
Consumers should realize by now that smart lighting is a way to reduce bills and save on energy. Smart lighting is also a way to simplify their life too. Isn’t it time that you installed a smart lighting system in your home? Get started now.

Management Lessons to Learn From Josh Verne

About Josh Verne
Josh Verne is the founder of Workpays LLC and the company’s current CEO. Josh has visionary leadership, and he has risen above the ranks to become the firm’s president a position he has held since 2003. The decision came after he had lead one of the biggest divisions for the top 100 retail stores and took up responsibility for all manufacturing functions. He has an impeccable record, he successfully owned and operated a multi-national firm whose sales exceeded $200mm
Josh joined his family’s second generation furniture distribution business immediately after his graduation from high school in 1995. He started out in the warehouse section and successfully moved through the ranks to the company’s top management. The strategies he initiated have placed Workpays at the forefront of the furniture distribution industry. His favorite success quote is “Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others” by Johnathan Swift.
Josh Verne has some valuable advice for anyone who wants to excel in business. Here are some key points to note.
Leadership is Not Bossiness
Josh notes that, in the management of a company, people should embrace leadership and not bossiness. Being bossy is using your power to drive your personal agenda while leadership serves the interest of others. To achieve the objectives of a company, a leader use the respect he has acquired from people.
Make Everything a Win-Win
Josh advises never to agree to a deal or plan that is a win-lose rather strive to get a win-win situation for everyone on the team. Managers must stop settling for situations that don’t benefit all to skyrocket their business, team, and reputation as a manager.
Talk Less, Listen More
People only have two ears and one mouth and for a good reason. If you speak less, your words will be more powerful, and you’ll command more authority. Individuals must use their mouth and ears wisely to achieve their career and personal goals.
Have Balance in Life
Life is a balancing act; hence everything in your life must be balanced. Your job, relationships family, wealth, and health need balance. Lack of balance will cause people everyone and everything around you to suffer. Balance is about making progress in all areas of your life and making sure that you improve a little of everything to stay healthy.
Knowing Your Passion
Find what you are passionate about to succeed. Have something that wakes you up every morning and ignites the fire within you.