Livio Bisterzo Offers Healthy Snacks Through Hippeas

The food sector is one of the booming ones in the USA and it is rapidly growing with the rising demand for quality and healthy food. However, still, there is a huge gap in the market where millennials are looking for quality and healthy food products especially the snacks. According to market analysts, there is still an unexplored market for ready to go healthy snacks. This is where Hippeas under the leadership of Livio Bisterzo comes in the picture with their innovative and mouthwatering snacks.

Livio Bisterzo is considered as a true visionary in the American consumer/snacks market.  He is the founder of Green Park Holdings which is one of a kind company that focuses on new food innovations for health and nutrition sector. Besides food and snacks, he is also trying to transform the sector with his innovative multichannel food and drinks brand. Currently, he has come up with four new chickpea puff through his Hippeas Brand (@hippeas_snacks).

Livio Bisterzo, the founder of Green Park Holdings always had a dream to make a difference. When he founded this company in 2015, he had a mission to build up a portfolio of healthy food and drinks line and create a brand with lasting social impact that would prompt behavioral and cultural change. This is why; Livio has come up with a business model that is truly sustainable, organic and focused on health. His company is now involved in developing some high impact snacks and drinks brands. Very recently they have launched their Hippeas line that includes different puffs made from peas. They have launched four different puffs which are truly organic, high in fiber, gluten free, vegan and includes no additives or preservatives. Their launching and promotional campaigns have already created a huge buzz in the market, and everyone is looking forward to it.

Livio Bisterzo completed his studies from the esteemed University of the Arts in London. After completing his studies, he started his entrepreneurship career with an event management company in 2003. Later on, he created an impressive and diversified portfolio that included hospitality i.e. Maddox Club, Pollen St. as well as consumer brands like Kyoku for Men, Little Miracles and so on. He founded Green Park Holdings in 2015, and his focus is to revolutionize the consumer market with his innovative genius, healthy food, and drinks as well as a revolutionary approach.

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Securus Takes Video Visitation Nationwide

Securus Technologies has announced that it will take its popular Video Visitation service on an ad campaign across North America. For the remainder of the year, Securus plans on showcasing to the civilian population all of the benefits their services can afford them.


Richard A. Smith, Securus Technologies’s Chairman and CEO, has stated that the service his company provides offers the most progressive solution to in-person visits for those serving sentences. With more than 160,000 visits taking place per month on the Video Visitation platform, Smith wants to see that number grow by making more people aware of its existence.


Despite the influence Securus has as a tech provider to many of the correctional facilities across the US, Smith points out that each facility has its own rules on how visitation works.  With its ability to connect those serving sentences and their families in the civilian population, the constraints imposed on those wanting to visit can be lifted. Convenience enters the equation in a way that makes life for the civilian easier while ensuring that inmates continue to have access to their families.


In an era where connectivity is a feature that many look for in nearly all electronic devices and where services like Skype is an essential application to have at the ready, Video Visitation offers a service that is both expected from many consumers while maintaining the ease of access they’re all used to. Smith has long argued that this is the most effective solution to keeping inmates in touch with family while also making sure that that respective prison populations and their surrounding communities aren’t constrained to limits that are perhaps not as easy to adhere to as maybe they once were.


About Securus Technologies:


Securus Technologies operates from their headquarters in Dallas, Texas. With more than 20 years servicing law enforcement and correctional facilities across North America, Securus has risen to be one of the premiere tech solutions companies in its market.  This includes taking on responsibilities that contribute to investigations, monitoring, communications and relaying emergency information to surrounding communities to ensure surrounding areas continue to operate in relative comfort and safety.

Lovaganza: the new era of world entertainment for humanity

Lovaganza is a revolutionary initiative that is going to change the way people enjoy entertainment now a day. If you didn’t know, Lovaganza is an entrainment brand with a unique approach, a noble vision, and radical idea to bring in the best of entertainment across the globe to their audience. But this is not all. They are working to explore the cultures and nations, bring out the best in them and showcase it to the world in a groundbreaking platform to create their ultimate dream, a “New World of Unity, Peace, and Abundance for All.”

The initiative of Lovaganza took off in 2012 when a few like-minded people along with J.F. Gagnon & Genevieve Gagnon came together to combine their passion for entertainment & philanthropy and take it a to a new level. This is how; Lovaganza came into reality. This is an entity with a great mission to bring in the best of entertainment from around the world and showcase it to the audience in an innovative way that would provoke the sense of unity and peace among them. This initiative is divided two fragments, the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise, and the Lovaganza Foundation. The Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise is profit oriented in nature, and it is involved in producing films, music, event management and shows.

Since its inception, Lovaganza has been shocking the world with their innovative ideas and bold initiatives. At this point, they are working on their 2020 UNITY celebration, and they have already created a huge buzz around the globe with this.

Very recently, on November 18, 2016, they have started recording the soundtrack for “the Marvelous 12” which is an animated film series. They have picked the Abbey Road Studios in London for this as it is regarded as the most recognized and prestigious recording facility around the world.

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The Convoy Trilogy

Their animated movie, “The Marvelous 12” is an animated movie that will narrate the backstory of their upcoming movie trilogy, the “The Lovaganza Convoy.” They have also started shooting for their movies in multiple locations in France, Spain, and the United States for this trilogy. French directors Genevieve and J F Gagnon has already created a huge buzz in Frigiliana, Spain where they are shooting the first part of the trilogy, “Follow your Sunshine” which is due to release in 2018. The second part of the trilogy, “the Prophecy” will be featuring Marie Ange Casta and it is due to be released in 2019. The third and last part of the trilogy, The New World will be released in 2020. If you didn’t know, these movies are being shot in the new Immerscope Technology that will bring in a new experience for the audience.

Lovaganza is also working hard on their promotion for the 2020 celebration as well. The Lovaganza Traveling Show in 8 different flagship locations around the world is already planned out, and it will lunch before 2020.  Javier Martinez has also created a panoramic artwork with the help of renowned artist, Javier Martinez which gives us a glimpse their celebration. All of the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter are now buzzing with it.

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Gooee’s New IoT Lighting

Gooee is the front runner and steadily paving the way for the future of LED lighting and intelligent lights. Intelligent lighting is about to make it possible for every space with the proper sockets to be equipped with IoE lighting. Not only are LED light bulbs less expensive, last longer, and are more energy efficient, but they come with new capabilities that allow them to be routed to hubs of information for data collection and remote control.


Up to code, energy efficient buildings called “smart buildings” will without a doubt be using Gooee smart lighting systems to illuminate their structures. Intelligent lighting isn’t just about the ability to turn lights on by entering the room and turn them off by leaving it. There is a whole “spectrum” of other features, pun intended.


Smart lighting sockets have the ability to wirelessly connect to bluetooth and wireless systems making it possibly to remotely control the lights. These micro chips embedded in the sockets actually function to detect light at the level of the human eye. This means controlling light temperature, light intensity, and the ability to work with the human body and circadian rhythms.