Bruce Levenson Leads a Worthy Initiative That Will See the Non-profit Sector Rise In The Near Future

After the Forbes reported sale of his business in 2014, Bruce Levenson fully entered the non-profit field. Together with his wife and in cooperation with the distinguished University of Maryland, they founded a non-profit foundation christened the Do Good Institute.

Essential Skills

BruceLevenson observed that many non-profit businesses failed due to lack of necessary skills to run them. It is with this in mind that he started this initiative that targets the undergraduate students at the University of Maryland. Its main aim is to equip them with skills for non-profit business leadership that will place them at a good place to compete with the private sector. It also endeavors to produce a good crop of students who are willing to give back to the society. Levenson has plans to replicate this initiative to other universities as well as start online training.

The Motivation

Levenson made a $75 million initial funding while the University of Maryland added $20 million. The funds were then distributed to various students each getting $10,000 to fund an initiative of their choice. The Do Good Institute received a positive response and immediately gained momentum, with some students starting their non-profit businesses. One of which is a campus movement to curb waste dubbed the Food Recovery Network.

Other Roles

Following his exposure at the Do Good Institute, Levenson launched Imperfect Produce. This venture aims at minimizing food wastage by disposing of those that are deemed to be slightly off quality at a lower price.

About Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is a legendary entrepreneur and a dynamic philanthropist. He attained college training in Law at the American University. He is also a former student of Washington University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree.

His career commenced when he was still an undergraduate student. He was a journalist, working for the Washington Star. He later went on to open his companies, such as the Atlanta Hawks, the United Communications Group, and Tech Target.

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