“Beneful: Guaranteed Nutrition Benefiting Your Wonderful Canine Companion “

Beneful is a special brand of dog food manufactured by Nestle Purina Petcare. This highly popular brand has twenty varieties of wet and dry dog food. It is also available dry dog food, and in ten varieties of treats. Dog food that beloved pets eat and enjoy is an enormous benefit to pet owners concerned about their dog’s nutrition. Finicky dogs that gobble down their food at mealtimes help the owner stay on schedule both for their and for their personal busy schedule.

For those seeing this brand name for the first time, Beneful was first marketed in 2001. What distinguishes it from others on the shelf is its appearance and nutrition basis. This kibble very closely resembles “people” food with its pieces that look like beef pieces and beef stew to the average individual pet owner. A spokesperson for Nestle Purina commented that buying “Beneful” for your pet dog assured the pet owner that he was providing nutrition for their beloved pet which was chocked “full of goodness.” Beneful was recognized in 2012 in fourth place in the lineup of popular dog food brands, and it without a doubt one of Purina’s top brands of dog food.

The only Beneful dog products are dry food, wet or canned food, and various snacks. Many pet owners throughout North America purchase this brand throughout the entire lifetime of their dog. It is extremely popular among pet owners who are interested in only purchasing the highest quality nutrition for their canine companions.

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