Omar Yunes Wins Best Franchisee of The World Award

Omar Yunes was branded best franchisee of the World for 2015 for his outstanding management work with Sushi Itto. He qualified as Mexico’s national representative along with Iván Tamer, a Prendamex pawnshop franchisee, who became Mexico’s second place representative at the World’s Best Franchisee competition. Omar’s nomination was submitted by case of his “professionalization of the role of Franchisee” at the World’s Best Franchisee committee in Florence Italy, where they hold the ceremony each December. 34 countries were represented this year including franchises Yves Rocher, a cosmetic company that was a two time winner of the world; Tropíco, a telecommunications provider; and Loja Da Condominio, a condo rental service, just to name a few. His name now joins the ranks of other winners.
The title for World’s Best Franchisee is not simply given for the franchisee that generates the most profit, but rather for being the most proactive franchisee, within the franchise network, that provides overall managerial value.
Omar Yunes was recognized this year for his outstanding work in being a change agent for the franchisee-franchise relationship. His work to improve communication between company units and implement control boards earned him the humbling award as owner of 11 Sushi Itto’s world wide. The competition aims to reward operation teamwork, leadership, and innovation, and commitment to building strong brand identity and corporate efficiency. However the promotion of different business techniques is paramount at the summit.
Omar Yunes took a separate route from his father Miguel Angel Yunes the candidate for Veracruz governor in 2015. Although well endowed, he made a name for himself as an entrepreneur in real estate forming several international businesses to acquire and manage his assets. He later turned the revenue from those companies into his 13 Sushi Itto restaurants. He took to the Japanese food-chain well and the rest is history.

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