Lifeline Screening Advances the Science of Preventative Medicine

Advances in medical diagnosis equipment, technology, and specialization are saving more lives than ever. Scheduling a consultation with a doctor after experiencing the affects of a serious condition now seems illogical. This is due to medical screening services from institutions like the Lifeline Screening centers.

This institution’s highest priority is to provide people with state-of-the-art preventative medical tests. A comprehensive approach to preventative medical care includes three main types of screening. The range of testing is designed to detect conditions like deficiencies, cancers, glandular problems, heart problems, and blood illnesses before they radically shift a person’s health and more information click here.

The first type of screening involves the use of powerful ultrasound equipment. Sound waves create detailed images of the body’s systems on monitors. They allow doctors to analyze parts of the body like arteries and bones, while not performing any type of surgery and learn more about Lifeline Screening.

The second type, is limited electrocardiography. EKGs are employed to detect irregular heartbeats and inconsistencies that are known to be precursors of serious conditions like strokes. EKGs allow doctors to see the heart and pulmonary system at work without interruption.

The third category of screening is blood analysis. A simple drop of blood can show the beginning of problems from diabetes and high cholesterol, to minute injuries in organs. Blood saturates all parts of the body, and can show characteristics of body systems. How blood is composed reveals a great deal about a person’s health and Lifeline’s lacrosse camp.

The aspect of Lifeline Screening’s testing that is revolutionizing the way people think about preventative medicine is physician expertise. In the past, people who took a specific diagnostic test were afforded a simple chart and little explanation of the results. In effect, they were told to wait and worry. Lifeline’s testing procedures are always followed with a specialist’s consultation. This allows people to fully understand the spectrum of risk. It also highlights how they can change life behaviors to increase wellness, and stop any condition from progressing. This is the heart of why Lifeline Screening is a premier preventative medical institution.

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