Jim Tanabaum: The Brain behind Foresight Capital

Jim Tanabaum is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Foresight Capital, a renowned healthcare firm. The company specializes in identifying healthcare facilities that require a little push regarding capital, information, and networking to help them grow and expand into the markets. Jim is also the founder of GelTex Pharmaceutical, the co-founder of Theravance, Incorporation. Jim is also a co-partner of Prospect Venture. He was also a partner at Sierra Ventures where he saw it grow its healthcare portfolio.

Jim Tanabaum joined Yale University where he studied Math & electrical engineering (computer science). He later joined Harvard for both his masters and M.D. In addition to that, Jim also received an M.S from the prestigious M.I.T.

According to his interview with INC42, Jim says that Foresight was founded as a result of his passion for being involved in both the healthcare and investment world. He continues to say that his rich experience in the field led to the success of the firm. Jim continues to say that the firm has been able to grow and surpass challenges by being able to provide healthcare facilities or investments with the right information, solution, and products. Jim says that this is made possible as they are keen to any trending information that is published, which enables them to be strategically placed when it comes to delivering. Interesting to note, as of date, the company has made investments in more than 77 health care firms.

Jim Tanabaum reveals that a typical day for him comprises of having a meeting with his team members to discuss anything and everything about the firm. Jim values his loved ones, and he always spends time with them. At the same time, he sets aside time for his friends and business associates. Mr. Tanabaum continues to say that he also spares some time to do some workouts to keep fit.

His way of bringing ideas to life is quite impressive as he not only utilizes capital but, also engages some of the brilliant minds in the field. He says that Foresight Capital’s goal is to be able to reach out to healthcare facilities that require nurturing for them to grow to their potential.

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