Cassio Audi’s Betrayal Turned Stardom

Early life
Cassio Audi was a professional and an outstanding musician springing back from the mid 80’s. In his early stages as a promising musician, he began as a mere drummer for a Brazilian metal band group commonly referred to as the Viper. As a drummer, he became e a darling to most fans as he was skillful and composed in his part at the band. During his stay, he was still involved with other bands notably the Soldiers of Sunrise: who he even wrote a song for and went as far as getting featured in one of their albums.
Left Group
In the year 1989, he left the group as began on a mission to set his musical career booming on his own. During his short stint at Viper, drumming his heavy metal viper won him accolades from within and even beyond Brazil. In fact, his contribution to the heavy metal drumming was quite significant as he heralded its spread across the Caribbean and Europe. Having appeared in Viper’s albums and even their respective demos simply inspired many of other upcoming musicians who had followed his musical journey since he was a teenager. Most of them were dazzled by his skills, which he later confirmed that he had drawn inspiring from the British heavy metals that had gain immense attention due to their Iron Maiden kind of music.
A stint with Soldiers of Sunrise
Having featured for the Soldiers of Sunrise, he gained both fans and critics in equal measure. From his fellow band members at Viper, he was a betrayer having jumped ship from their outfit, to the Soldiers of Sunrise: who were a rival group. Even as he performed with the latter group in their debut album, his fans even loved him the more and to date he still carries the day as the most outstanding drummer of heavy metal music descent.

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