Betsy DeVos: Change in Education Will Help Students Learn

For years, students had to deal with the issues that came with public schools. Families weren’t always able to afford to send their children to private schools and this created major problems for students. It was something that they wanted to be able to fix but they were not able to do it because they didn’t have enough money or they simply weren’t equipped with the opportunities that they needed. Betsy DeVos knew this and also knew that she had the power to be able to change it and try different things for the people who were in different situations. What Betsy DeVos wanted is to use her power to make philanthropic efforts toward a better education when people were in different situations and when they were working to try different things no matter what was going on in the school or the world around them.

Students need to have an education that is geared to their style of learning. Since there are four distinct ways that students learn, Betsy DeVos wanted to make sure that she was playing into that and that it was going to be something that she could try to make happen more easily for all of the students. She decided that charter schools would be the best way to do that. When a student goes to a charter school, they have smaller class sizes and teachers can individualize their lesson plans so that they will be able to do more with the things that they are teaching.Along with the charter program, Betsy DeVos had the philanthropic ideas that included private school voucher programs. These made it easier for students to go to private schools without ridiculous amounts of money or scholarship opportunities. She wanted to show people that their students would be able to have a more enjoyable time no matter what was going on so that they could try different opportunities.

Betsy DeVos did not believe that students should have to suffer just because of the things that their parents were not able to afford. She wanted to see changes and also wanted more students to go to private school because of the opportunities they could get from the schools.Betsy DeVos is now the secretary of education and is doing a lot of different things to make more opportunities for students. She wants to bring changes to the educational system and knows that everything that she is doing is going to make it better. She hopes that students will eventually be able to get all of the options that they need for success and to make things better while they are doing more with their lives with the things that are going on in their lives.

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