OSI Food Solutions

OSI Group L.L.C., is working on frozen and refrigerated foods since 1909. Headquarters is out of Aurora, Illinois, having a global reach to various companies, which will be discussed. They make it a point to not only stay global, but to also be able to maintain a status quo with local cultures in the communities that employment is provided in. OSI provides sausage links, beef patties, sandwiches, and pizza to food service brand names.

In 2016, OSI acquired a Dutch company called Baho Food in order to expand their presence in Europe. It is OSI Groups’ mission to broaden their products around the world, which include chicken nuggets as a supplier for McDonald’s. Also during 2016, OSI Group bought a former Tyson Foods warehouse. OSI Group’s main focus is protein products. OSI also provides fish, poultry, and vegetables besides meat.

OSI is a privately held company in the United States that offers good resources as well as expansion. OSI is about custom food product development. OSI has 65 facilities in 17 countries and 20,000 employees. OSI is about food quality as well as safety, which ensures their brand security. OSI Group has strict policies about their food production process. OSI Group offers Good Manufacturing Practices Training, which focuses on food safety and quality.

OSI Group initiates tough standards that are double-checked and rechecked. Quality, taste, and consistency are what is normally checked at OSI Group facilities. OSI Group also tries to stay ahead with new laboratory methods, as well as food safety research, and food processing methods. OSI Group has new product designs, quality protocols, product preparation instructions, and product cooking reassurances. OSI Group uses great chefs in addition to quality assurance experts.

OSI Group really does have a make-it-happen mentality that is exercised daily. Research and Development specialists are staffed at every major facility around the world. Current systems do not preclude creating new ones when it is necessary. Customers start with ideas, which OSI Group turns into products.

Other OSI products include hot dogs, pizza, pork, baked goods, and dough. OSI Group has a global outreach program in many countries around the world besides the United States such as Spain, the Philippines, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada and more, serving Europe, Asia, and the Americas. More products from OSI include beef, raw and formed, burgers, beefsteak, meatballs and Salisbury steak, as well as meatloaf, and chicken patties.

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