An Insightful Overview of Rocketship Education and its Unique Qualities

Rocketship Education prides itself on being a non-profit network made up of public elementary charter institutions or schools. These schools are mainly meant for low-income students residing in neighborhoods where accessing excellent schools is a daunting task. The network is built on the firm belief that transformative academic institutions ought to go beyond educating students. Instead, they inspire the nearby communities, engage parents, and empower teachers.

All schools under the Rocketship Education are spearheaded by the belief that each child has the potential to go beyond the expectations of society. The charter schools are committed to eradicating the achievement gap that currently exists. Students studying under the Rocketship program are dubbed Rocketeers. They receive personalized instruction that is tailored to meet their specific learning needs.

How are Rocketship Schools Different

Rocketship Education offers a blended learning model that integrates tutoring, technology, and traditional instruction. Hence, this unique structure allows each Rocketeer to study or learn at their pace. Additionally, three critical pillars including engaged parents, personalized learning and excellent leaders and teachers bind all the schools under the Rocketship network.

Charter schools under the Rocketship umbrella utilize parents to aid in picking teachers who are hired months before the commencement of classes. In fact, an article by Perry Stein on The Washington Post revealed how parents got involved in interviews for teachers at the network’s first charter school in Washington D.C. The co-founder and CEO of Rocketship, Preston Smith, highlighted this unique attribute by stating that parents participate in job interviews in a given manner at each school.

Students studying at Rocketship schools believe in innovation. In fact, the schools go an extra step to build better ways overcoming the impossible. Rocketeers are also taught to pursue excellence, which allows the chain of schools to boost its results in response to feedback and data.

Rocketship schools are built around and upon the community. As a result, the schools source out teachers from the nearing areas or neighborhoods. They also strive to exude the values and vision of every community. As such, the school leaders and staff select culturally relevant units derived from the field trips students take or even the books they read.

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