Amazing! George Soros Donates 80 Percent Of Wealth To Charity

George Soros has just made a donation that has stunned the world. He donated eighteen billion dollars to charity. According to CNBC, this amounts to eighty percent of his wealth. George Soros started donating huge sums of money to charity back in 1979. This was a number of years after he started Soros Fund Management, a highly successful hedge fund that turned George Soros into one of the wealthiest people in the world.

The eighteen billion dollar donation went to the Open Society Foundations. This is a network of charitable foundations that George Soros founded. They operate in more than one hundred countries. They work on causes such as refugee assistance and health assistance. This means that the Open Society Foundations are now one of the top charitable organizations in the world. In fact, in the United States, they are only behind the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Unfortunately, ever since the massive donation that he has made, George Soros has been facing hate and demonization from various groups, mostly right wing conspiracy groups. These groups, which belong to the alt-right, are making up conspiracy theories about George Soros, according to the Atlantic. They are saying that he is the cause of all the trouble in the world. They are saying that he is the one behind groups such as Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and the Women’s March. Roy Moore, who lost the race for the Senate in Alabama because of credible allegations of child molestation, started saying that George Soros paid the women to come forward with their accusations. According to them, he must be a very busy person indeed.

George Soros has been supporting Democratic candidates for a long time. He donated twenty seven million dollars to prevent George Bush from getting reelected. That is why the right wing extremists hate him so much.

However, it would seem that they hate him for another reason, which is his philanthropy. They just can not stand the fact that there is a man who is willing to donate billions of dollars for the support of freedom and democracy all around the world. They just can’t stomach the notion. However, George Soros is not backing down. He will continue to support democracy groups. His recent donation of eighteen billion dollars is a clear indication of where his heart is. It is also terrifying the right wing extremists who hate democracy and freedom for all. They know that with this donation, the Open Society Foundations will be able to use its power to promote freedom. Breitbart started calling the donation the death star. This is just proof that the donation is actually having an impact.

George Soros has long been helping people out. In the beginning, he was helping black students in South Africa with scholarships. He then started helping anti communists in Hungary. He moved on to help the Roma people in Europe, who needed help becoming integrated with the European society.

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Scott Rocklage And 5 AM Ventures

Scott Rocklage is one of the managing partners of 5 AM Ventures, and he has held this position for more than 10 years. Scott Rocklage works in the company’s Boston office. Read more: Scott Rocklage | Crunchbase and Scott Rocklage | Ideamesch

He began working for the company in 2003. He has worked hard to ensure that the company is successful.

What Does His Company Do?

5 AM Ventures offers healthcare services, and they design drugs that are more effective than ones that are on the market today. Many of their drug delivery technologies have increased the bioavailability of medications and have made it possible for them to get into the body faster.

5 AM Ventures conducts extensive research on medications. The results of many of their clinical studies appear in well-known publications.

Investments In His Company:

Scott Rocklage has made 5 AM Ventures a better company to invest in. Numerous business owners have invested in the company, and the price of their stocks has increased over the years.

How Has Scott Rocklage Helped The Company To Grow?

Scott Rocklage has made it possible for the company to get three products approved by the FDA. These products have improved the lives of many patients, and they have become widely used by doctors:

  • Omniscan: Omniscan makes it possible for doctors to diagnose illnesses more accurately. It is an MRI contrast agent.
  • Teslascan: Teslascan is an MRI contrast agent, and it has improved the accuracy of the procedure.
  • Cubicin: Cubicin is a powerful antibiotic. It is thought to be an effective treatment for infections of the heart, febrile neutropenia, osteomyelitis, and bactremia. In addition to being available as Cubicin, it is sold under several other brand names, such as Cubicin RF and Premier Pro Cubicin RF.

The Importance of Creativity When Working With Market America

Market America is one of the most lucrative opportunities for people to get involved in. There is a lot of earning potential for this company. The only thing that people need to understand is that it involves a lot of work. In order for people to be able to profit from their efforts, they are going to have to use their creativity. For one thing, the best thing for anyone to do is look at all of the different aspects of marketing and business so that they can find the techniques that work for them. There are also tools at their disposal that can help them on their journey for success.

While other companies will opportunities and leave the responsibility to the user to find ways to do the marketing. Market America understands that there are tons of people that sign up for them or other business opportunities. Among the many people that sign up for these opportunities are going to be people that have very little knowledge and experience with business and marketing. Therefore, Market America makes sure that there are resources available to the newcomer.

One of the best things for newcomers to do is get some kind of education about what they are going to get into. Newcomers have to learn about all of the possible avenues of marketing so that they can figure out which ones are the best suited for them according to their comfort level. Also, Market America has some of its own innovative methods for marketing such as social shopping which can help their users develop their own economy. Among the best ways of marketing is using social media as well. After all, people need to spread the word about their own business. The internet has platforms that make it very convenient for the online marketer.

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Dr. Jorge Moll’s Research Shows Why People Give To Charities

Dr. Jorge Moll is a Brazilian neuroscientist. He founded the National Institute of Health where he is involved in research and education. His specialties are cognitive and behavioral neuroscience. One of his published studies garnered quite a bit of attention in 2006 when he and his colleagues discovered that when people give to charities the areas of their brain that are associated with trust, social connections, and pleasure are activated. The result is that people have what they called a “warm glow” effect which was shown on sensor he had connected to their heads in order to monitor their brains. Visit Jorge’s profile on

As Dr. Jorge Moll explains it, when you’re charitable to others your brain has a primitive response similar to that of enjoying sex or food. Altruism is hard-wired into the brains of humans and isn’t a superior moral decision to take. People contribute to charity because it makes them feel good is the basics of it. He says that unselfishness leads to feeling good was something that Saint Francis of Assisi had lectured his churchgoers.

It was in 1994 that Dr. Jorge Moll earned his medical degree at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. In 1998 he performed his medical residency at this same educational institution. Later, in 2004, he earned a Ph.D. in experimental pathophysiology by attending the medical school on the campus of Sao Paulo University.

The National Insitute of Health was established in 20007. Dr. Jorge Moll is the president of the firm and its board of directors. His research has been published in several journals. To date, he has published 133 peer-reviewed research articles. His latest published research paper was on how human values and motivations can be seen represented in the brain through the use of fMRI encoding models.


While most of Dr. Jorge Moll’s career has been spent in Sao Paulo, Brazil, he has also worked in the United States. For a period in 2015 and 2016, he was invited to teach at Stanford University in California as one of their visiting research scholars. As he is fluent in both Portuguese and English he was able to ably fill this role and educate his students. Visit Ideamensch to know more about Jorge Moll.

Working for Highland Capital

Working for Highland Capital Management can be one of the greatest career decisions you’ve ever made. With $13.5 billion dollars in assets, a high reputation as a contributor to the community and affiliations with some of the most successful investment companies in the market, you can not only have a prestigious recognition as an employee here , but be a part of an organization that knows how to succeed.

Started by Jim Donero and Mark Okada in 1993, Highland Capital Management has managed, over the years, to administer solutions to many alternative investing pursuits, increase the portfolio wealth of its clients and took the Highland Capital company to $13.5 billion in assets, making it one of the most successful global alternative investment advisors in the world. Read more at Biz Journals about Highland Capital.

Affiliates of: Acis Capital Management, Highland Brasin and Netpoint Capital; Highland Capital Management’s current success was possible, offering its clients more, successfully improving their clients portfolios with some of the most skillful, thoughtful and experienced analiysts and managers in the world. “To be a part of something like this is a dream come true”, says an Highland Capital Management investment analyst.

Their contributions to the community has been a huge attraction for Highland Capital Management. Donating millions over the years, including $1 million to the Dallas Zoo to build its Highland Hippo Hut, $1 million to The Family Place to help complete their Legacy campaign and $2 million to Southern Methodist University to advance its student”s studying efforts and much more! Equaling to over $10 million in community support by Highland Capital Management. Read this article at PR Newswire.

As an employee for Highland Capital Management, you will be treated with respect and supported to the highest degree. Your pay is directly reflected to how well you do your job with an incremental increase per experience. As an investment analyst and a fund accountant, you are expected to make about $80,000 a year. As a portfolio analyst, your salary is a little higher: nearly $100,000. The energy is very up-beat and positive, the employees love coming to work everyday and it is reflected on their performances!

In 2015, the Dallas based portion of Highland Capital was recognized by the Business Journal as, “One of the Best Places to work in 2015”.


George Soros Secures The Future Of The Open Society Foundations

The Open Society Foundations has been a major part of the life of George Soros since the group was established in 1979 as the philanthropic arm of the career of the Hungarian born investment specialist. The group made its first attempts to donate funding to an educational program developed for black South Africans under the Apartheid program and saw its attempts hijacked by government agencies seeking to take the credit for the work of the group. George Soros decided at this point to embark on a new venture which would see him placed at the center of  philanthropic activities of the philanthropic group he had created to ensure its activities remained independent of political influence and control.

In 2017, the octogenarian made his latest attempts to develop the future of the Open Society Foundations with a drive to provide the globally recognized group with enough funding to secure its future with an $18 billion donation from his personal fortune. Forbes had initially ranked George Soros as having a personal fortune of around $23 billion in December 2017 which took into account a $3 billion donation to the Open Society Foundations the investment specialist was expected to announce in the near future; Soros the surprised financial markets and philanthropic sector with the size of his donation to the Open Society Foundations which took his ranking of wealth down to an estimated $8 billion.

In the last few years, George Soros has returned to the global stage in many different areas of interest including political donations and philanthropic concerns. Soros has become known for his hands-on approach taken at the Soros Fund Management group he operates as a private investment office for his family and the appointment of Dawn Fitzpatrick to the position of Chief Investment Officer. Despite the success achieved by George Soros in the capitalist system, he has recently been giving a dire warning of the future of the world if capitalism remains the dominant political ideology without rival into the distant future.

As a student of Austrian philosopher, Karl Popper, George Soros is one of the best-known followers of the open society theory which was written by Popper during World War II as a way of battling the rise of fascism across Europe. Part of the theory suggests any nation believing its dominant political ideology is the only option for the future has already begun to fail on a national and global scale. The rise of capitalism has become one of the most difficult parts of the world in the 21st-century for George Soros as he believes the system is fatally flawed and will lead to a global crisis similar to that seen in 2008 if a new political system does not rise in the near future.

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Bernardo Chua And The Growth Of Gano Excel And Organo Gold

Bernardo Chua’s rise to prominence in the multi-level marketing industry is an inspiring story. Through the strength of his personality and his desire to let people worldwide know about the many benefits the ganoderma mushroom had to offer, he helped to transform the fledgling Gano Excel company into an internationally known business. Learn more about Bernado Chua:

Chua was first introduced to the multilevel marketing industry when Gano Excel hired him as a marketing executive. A natural salesman, Chua was able to quickly expand the market for Gano Excel’s ganoderma-infused products from the Philippines to Hong Kong and North America.

With the growing demand for Gano Excel products in North America, Bernardo Chua decided to move to California, in the U.S. and expand his marketing network. He also became Gano Excel U.S.A.’s president.

Chua and his marketing team were able to quickly attract countless customers throughout Canada and the U.S. Soon Chua’s marketing team had more than a million members and was hailed as one of the world’s fastest growing multi-level marketing companies. Consumers in the West loved the ganoderma-infused coffee, teas and other edible products the company offered. Read more: Bernardo Chua Recommends Grapeseed Oil As The Next Big Healthy Supplement

Bernardo Chua decided to go out on his own in 2008. He left Gano Excel and started Organo Gold. The new company sold ganoderma-infused products under the Organo Gold and Coffee Connoisseur brand using the marketing network Chua had built.

Chua also hired the best farmers to improve the quality of the ganoderma mushrooms he used in his products. As his customer base continued to grow, Chua received numerous awards and accolades. The story of his success has served as an inspiration to many people involved in multi-level marketing and many other industries.

Even as he has attained legendary status, Bernardo Chua isn’t resting on his laurels. He continues to work to improve the quality of the products his company offers, increase the pay for the members of his marketing team and lower the cost of the products for the consumers.

He even rebranded his company and changed its name to Organo in 2015. Bernardo Chua’s ultimate goal is to improve people’s lives using ganoderma-infused products.

Rodrigo Terpins Stands Out in His Family

Rodrigo Terpins and his family are all competitive people. His father played competitive sports and went on to be a professional who was bridging the gap between cultures. His brother is also a racecar driver and has done his best to make sure Rodrigo Terpins knows what he is doing when it comes to racing. He has tried to show people there are different things they can do and that all goes back to what he can make happen as a driver. For Rodrigo Terpins, this is what his motivation is and what pushes him to do the best job possible. He wants people to realize there are different things they can do no matter what experience they have or what they are doing to make that experience happen. It all goes back to Rodrigo Terpins and the success he has seen in the racing industry with other people.

For Rodrigo Terpins, this means he needs to make sure he is making all the right choices. He wants to give people the help they need and that means he will sometimes have to try harder to make sure he is giving back to the community. As long as Rodrigo Terpins can do things on his own, he feels confident he is making sure everything will work better and will work the right way. It has also allowed him the chance to make sure he can do everything in the best way possible. Terpins knows what that takes and isn’t afraid to get to that point.

As long as Rodrigo Terpins and his brother are working together, they are going to keep being excellent racecar drivers. They want people to realize there are different things they can do and different opportunities they will have to be successful. In addition, the men are going to make sure they are doing everything right no matter what issues there are in the industry or what they are facing when it’s time for them to try and race their offroad rally vehicles. They see a lot of value that can come from all of these races. You can follow him on Twitter.

Agora Financial Protects Reader Wealth

Agora Financial is an independent research firm based in Baltimore Maryland. They publish over twenty newsletters and other investor services that do not take advertising from companies. Their goal is to help people who are working hard or already in retirement to accumulate more wealth in a shorter amount of time or to protect and grow the wealth they already have.Their advisors include an ex-hedge fund manager, an award-winner filmmaker, a journalist who has been nominated for a Pultizer Prize, an author whose three books have appeared on The New York Times bestseller list, a geologist who trained at Harvard, a leading international trader of bonds, a banker who’s consulted with United States presidents and a selfmade billionaire.

Because of the volatility of modern financial markets, one major goal for Agora Financial is to protect wealth from crises and market downturns. They warned about the dangerous rise in mortgage debt and real estate speculation back in 2004, long before that triggered the greatest financial crisis since the Great Depression. They predicted the rise in gold prices in 1999, back when it was still selling for only $256 per ounce.Agora Financial’s reader are busy with their careers, their jobs and their businesses.

Many are professionals who have no spare time to study the financial markets. They just need some guidance from market professionals to allocate their portfolios or maximum gains and lower risk. They get a lot of conflicting advice from the mainstream media business sources. And they know many people want to rob them of their wealth through lawsuits, taxes, brokerage fees and mutual fund fees.That’s why they have over a million customers of their paid newsletters, online webinars, free newsletters, online articles and publications, books, seminars and documentaries. They spend more than a million dollars for their analysts to investigate opportunities around the world.


FENIX Testimonials with Organo Gold

Organo Gold is a coffee and tea marketing company that began in 2008. The company started in Richmond, Virginia. Organo Gold has expanded to become a worldwide company. Organo Gold also believes in giving back to the people of the world by assisting with many outreach programs.

Organo Gold offers their consumers the finest variety of coffees and teas. Some products that they offer include Black coffee, King of Coffee, Black tea, and green tea among other. One of the popular products is called OG FENIX and here are a couple of testimonials about that particular product. Organo Gold is available on eBay.

The first testimonial comes from a man named Desmond Nugent. He is a sports reporter and photojournalist. With the help of FENIX, he has lost more than thirty pounds and wants to spread the word about Organo Gold and help other families lose or maintain their weight in order to reach their goals.

A second testimonial comes from a woman named Mary Luz Rivera. She is a woman who speaks Spanish but has had great success with FENIX. She has lost more than forty pounds and is now a size four. She wanted to lose the weight in order to be healthier. She is happy to be a part of the OG family.


A final testimonial comes from a woman named Carmen Lopez. She has lost twenty-five pounds with FENIX. She went down in pants sizes from a size eight to a size zero. She wants to spread the word about this product with as many people as she can.

These are just a few of the people who have lost weight with FENIX. They are more confident in themselves and lead happier and healthier lives. This is one of the main goals of Organo Gold. the goal is to make people happy. Follow Organo Gold on