Air Conditioning Services-Goettl Air Conditioning

Recently Goettl Air Conditioning has been making a name for its self in the Air Conditioning and the HVAC industry. The ancient air conditioning firm newly acquired Walton Heating and Air Company which also has a family back ground just as Goettl and is located in South California. The purchase was a big step for the old Goettl to expand its air conditioning services to other regions including the Southern California areas. Todd Longbrake is the owner of Walton Heating and Air Company and in a statement, he mentioned that he did his best to take the air conditioning company as far as he could and he was stuck, he was thrilled that Goettl had come to their rescue to expand their organization as well as services.

In 2015 Goettl began showing interest in acquiring Walton Heating and Air Company but Longbrake was unenthusiastic. Later on, Mr. Todd heard some good comments from other stake holders in the air and heating sector about Goettl and also from Ken Goodrich and he decided to give them an opportunity. The deal which completed mid-2015 has given the two air conditioning new face as they have expanded their venture ma king more profits. Goettl has retained Todd Longbrake and he is to retain his previous position as the sales manager and field operator.

Goettl Air Conditioning Company is considered to be a pioneer in the air conditioning sector and an old firm. The organization was established in 1939 by two brothers Gust and Adam Goettl there it is considered a family business. The company was first established in the Greater Phoenix area and was providing refrigerated AC as well as evaporative coolers to keep up with the hot temperatures in the region. Being one of the oldest air conditioning companies in the region; Goettl has been able to keep up with the changes in technology throughout its existence and providing competent services as well as products. has qualified and well-trained technicians who make sure that they offer efficient services right from the beginning. Goettl makes sure that their technicians and other staff members are certified to avoid accidents and other incidences during work. Ever since its inception; Goettl has been delivering services including;

  1. Installation of air conditioning; these include indoor air quality product Installation as well as services.
  2. Light commercial HVAC service and installation.
  3. Maintenance of the air conditioning equipment

Goettl distribute their services in Greater phoenix, Tucson, Las Vegas and recently Southern California. For more info, visit the company’s Linked In page.