Eric Pulier’s Greatest Accomplishments

Eric Pulier is an entrepreneur who over the years has built and founded many different companies. Most of his business ventures are based intechnology world. His career has flourished since his graduation from Harvard University and does not seem to be slowing down.

Being accepted into Harvard University is nothing sort of amazing, an honor that Eric Pulier did not take lightly. While there he studied multiple areas of discipline and studied so hard that he graduated with honors. His success while at school was just the beginning, and the first major accomplishment in a long list of many.

Leaving Eric Pulier successful stint at college behind him, Eric Pulier went on to create multiple different businesses. Among some of his most popular contributions to the world are ServiceMesh, US Interactive, and Akana. These are just a few of the over fifteen companies that he has created. His long list of achievements concerning his business are truly inspiring.

Among his inspiring work, is his work with philanthropic endeavors. His work with different charities and philanthropies are awe-inspiring. His first major work in this field came in the form of a multimedia educational program that helped people with Multiple Sclerosis learn more about their disease. Beyond that, Eric Pulier is also one of the founding donors of the ACE Foundation, an organization works with software and how it can solve problems in the world such as providing clean drinking water.

Eric Pulier has conquered both the business world and the world of charitable giving. His dedication to his work has given him the career of his dreams as well as providing him with the resources to help other people in need. Eric Pulier is a great philanthropist as well as a great human who is dedicated to creating a better world.

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