Tony Petrello of Nabors Industries – Highest Paid CEO

Mr. Anthony “Tony” Petrello is a well-experienced leader currently holding many important top positions at the company Nabors Industries, including company President. Company Chairman as well as being the company’s Cheif Executive Officer (CEO). Nabors Industries is an oil drilling and gas company operating around Bermuda and with the central office located in Houston. First becoming a part of the company in 1991, Mr. Tony Petrello vigilantly took on an increasing number of important jobs in the enterprise.

Mr. Anthony ”Tony” Petrello has a rich professional experience backing him up. He was appointed to be the chief executive officer of Nabors Industries due to Tony Petrello professional accomplishments. His previous working experience has come from companies such as Baker and McKenzie Law Firm, among a few more. He dedicated a bout a decade f his career to the firm to learn more about us: click here.

In 1991, Mr. Tony Petrello became a part of the large corporation. He had been working at a vast number of positions around the industry making his way to the highest ranks. He used to occupy the position of COO or chief operating officer. He held the position up until 2011. Meanwhile, in 2003, Mr. Tony Petrello took up the responsibilities of deputy chairman as well.

Mr. Tony Petrello received his higher education from highly valued academic institutions. Mr. Tony Petrello has a passion for learning and academics. He graduated from Yale University with a major in Mathematics. Later he also studied at the Harvard University from which he received his education and major in Law.

One of the most prominent aspects of his life is the dedication Mr. Tony Petrello has for philanthropy and charitable work. He has been affiliated with a vast number of charities and foundations. Mr. Tony Petrello has been passionate about charities for children. He is a supporter and a board member of the Texas Children Hospital as well as Hilcorp Energy Company and the Stewart and Stevenson Company, as well as much more.

Mr. Tony Petrello became wildly popular in the business community due to him being the top paid chief executive officer in the world. At the same time, the philanthropy that he has been dedicated to doing has contributed to most of his estalishment.

Jos Borghi, Taking Life as it Is

Life is sweet, precious, sacred, and should be treasured. However, life is also full of challenges, constraints that need overcoming in one way or the other. In a big way, Jos Borghi has overcome his deepest fears, making him renowned in Brazil for playing a huge role in the advertisement industry in the country. Engaging in the high-end type of ads, Mr. Jos has been able to captivate wealthy clients through the Mullen Lowe, Borghi’s perfect creation. Above all, Borghi’s success in Advertising has correlated to his unique approaches and styles of running a business.

As a reward for his hard work, Jose Henrique Borghi has also been able to receive many prizes in honor of a good job. Some of these awards include The One Show Awards, Clios Awards, the New York Festival awards, the London Festival Awards, April Advertising Awards, and the Cannes Lions. By playing a leadership role at the Mullen Lowe Brasil, Borghi has helped the Ad agency grow to the point that it now serves clients on a global scale. Thanks to Jose, Brazilian advertising has gone a notch higher.

Since its inception, Jose Borghi has used his company to do commercials for corporations like Unilever, Bunge Group, Globo, Fiat, Honda, Delta Airlines, and Asia Motors just to mention but a few. By dealing with high profile customers, Mullen Lowe has grown its assets to a level unmatched by any other institution of its kind in Brazil. Jose’s working streak is just as impressive as his education accolades. Today, Borghi is an alumnus of the PUC Campinas having studied Advertising and Propaganda. Henrique has also worked for corporations like Talent and Leo Burnett, Standard Ogilvy, BorghiErh, DM9/DDM, and FCB. Although Borghi’s efforts to succeed in life have paid off, it has taken sheer will and power for Jose to reach where he is today.