Cancer Expert- Dr. Clay Siegall

Dr. Clay Siegall l is an expert in cancer therapy; the medical doctor is also the co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Seattle Genetics. The healthcare firm deals with targeted therapy drugs for certain types of diseases which have not seen considerable humanity enhancements for an extended period. He went to the University of Maryland where he pursued Bachelors of Science in Zoology and later graduated with Ph.D. in Genetics from George Washington University. Since the foundation of the medical organization, Dr. Clay has been at the forefront of leading the company to be a leader in the target therapy sector. He led Seattle Genetics to the development of the first Anti-body Conjugate Drug which was approved by FDA.

Being a go-getter and devoted to what he does in the medical industry, Dr. Clay  Siegall has contributed significantly to the expansion of Seattle from a start-up to the most extensive research organization which is playing a primary role in the medical sector in improving and studying on cancer treatment. Dr. Clay is committed to take the company to greater heights and build its bright future. With authority, the firm is expected to make a difference in the pharmaceutical industry due to their increased number of drugs in the industry as well as the ones in the channel. It is Dr. Siegall’s believe that chemotherapy is an old cancer treatment and should not be used with the advancement of technology and study.

Recently the cancer expert conducted an interview and was asked what inspired him to establish Seattle Genetics. Dr. Clay said that from an early age he had a passion for medicine, a reason to overcome disease and the power of technology, as well as to retain health to those who had no hope of living. He wanted to change the way cancer was being treated as from experience cancer had severe side effects on patients. Asked how they make money the Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Seattle said that they have their drugs and sell them to make money. Clay believes it is through hard work and having the passion to work has led to their success an all their achievements as individuals as well as an organization.

Dr.Clay Siegall’s Passion for the care of Cancer Patients

If there is a person who has played an enormous role in helping the cancer patients is Dr. Clay Siegall who happens to be the creator of Seattle Genetics. Seattle Genetics is a firm that deals with the advancement of therapy and drugs needed for some of the diseases that have caused high mortality rates over an extended period. He is a graduate of the University of Maryland with a bachelor of science in zoology and later graduated from George Washington University with Ph.D. in genetics. Seattle Genetics got founded in 1998. It began in a very humble beginning and has currently grown to serve the whole worldwide. Dr. Siegall did not mind starting with just some pure researchers because he had a vision that a time shall come and Seattle Genetics shall be the most outstanding player in the cancer research sector.

Due to evolution, Dr. Siegall believes that the commonly used chemotherapy in controlling the spread of cancer cells should not be in use because it is not readily available and its effectiveness is wanting. He says that the old method will finally come to get replaced by the use of drugs which are more efficient and readily available and reduces the cost that a patient has to pay for his treatment. His passion for medicine drove dr. Siegall. Seattle Genetics has cooperated with some of the companies that deal with medication such as Bayer.

As Dr. Clay Siegall led his company to achieve its goal and accomplish his vision, he has held still to the mindset that there is nothing that should bring anyone down and whenever there is a downfall which happens at times, one should tighten the hatches and get back to business. It’s through Dr. Siegall’s hard work that the company has come this far. He believes that anyone can perform regardless of their background and where they went to school the main thing is all about their work habits. He has fought his way through to come this far to a point he became a workaholic just to out of his selfless desire to have people suffering from some of the deadly diseases like cancer acquire their healing.