The Search of Political Freedom by End Citizens United

The establishment of End Citizens United took place on the 1st March of 2015. It refers to a committee in line with political action. At the time of formation, the intention was nothing different from transforming Citizen United and facilitate the stop of making use of vast amounts of money to carry out political endeavors. This would be enhanced by being partners with the rest of the champions.

To complement this, the End Citizens United utilizes the grassroots participation to express their political strengths in line with politics. The objective, in this case, is to categorize the amount of money within politics as a countrywide priority and to enhance the passage of pro-forms in states through the utilization of ballot measure strategies. The selection should also be in favor of the pro-reform aspirants.

It is worth noting that End Citizens United firmly believes that it is essential carrying out a re-evaluation of the financial laws that the United States currently utilizes. This emerged the moment the committee discovered that some Russian firm purchased ads whose intention was to facilitate the manipulation of the presidential elections of the year 2016. It is via the task directed to Robert Muller concerning the determination of whether there existed some collusion between the Russians and Donald Trump’s team that there exists a lot of confidence from the committee that he will do a thorough investigation. However, they lack confidence concerning the will of Washington towards stopping the influence of foreigners in elections ahead. Through such foreign interventions in the course of campaigns, the panel considers the polls of the country to be very frail.

They trust that the enormous donations that get into the country are capable of bringing down the nation’s democracy. The reason is that the aspirant who is wealthier may have a lot of influence and thus gain preference. There is the potential that such an individual could acquire adequate funds to aid the campaign through the secretive funding by the big foreign firms who will work together with them as a result. The implication, in this case, is that the citizens’ democracy will be brought down.

The investigations executed indicates that there is a close association between Russians and the 1000000 dollars utilized in the course of the campaigns. All this happens following the absence of law enforcement that favors the prevention of such as well as the availability of specific laws supporting the act. Additionally, the committee submitted a report consisting of fifteen unlawful contributions executed during the first month of 2017. To know more about us: click here.

To bring the actions of End Citizens, the United has made a presentation of the bills that can act as barriers to the foreign companies, governments as well as institutions from swaying the elections and its procedure.