Ingredients that seperates Beneful from other Dog food brands

Beneful healthy puppy food and all the other dog food products they offer meet the nutrional levels set by AAFCO. The nutrient profiles are for all stages of a dogs life, no matter what the breed. The AAFCO profiles include growth of breeds that are 70lbs or higher as an adult. You can receive coupons for the puppy food as well as the other products they sell by filling out a form on the Beneful website. You can also get coupons on any coupon site online by searching for Beneful coupons. There are also coupons occasionally in the coupon section of your local newspaper. Click here to know more.

They have three kinds of dog food, plus treats. The dry and grain-free food come in the flavors of Chicken, beef, salmon, plus beef and egg. The wet food come in the flavors of beef, chicken, turkey, Salmon, chicken and Liver, lamb, beef or chicken stew, and Simmered beef entrée. Most of the foods also have the following ingredients: Carrots, brown or wild rice, tomatoes, sweet potatoes and spinach. The ingredients vary depending on which product you choose for your dog.