Lovaganza: the new era of world entertainment for humanity

Lovaganza is a revolutionary initiative that is going to change the way people enjoy entertainment now a day. If you didn’t know, Lovaganza is an entrainment brand with a unique approach, a noble vision, and radical idea to bring in the best of entertainment across the globe to their audience. But this is not all. They are working to explore the cultures and nations, bring out the best in them and showcase it to the world in a groundbreaking platform to create their ultimate dream, a “New World of Unity, Peace, and Abundance for All.”

The initiative of Lovaganza took off in 2012 when a few like-minded people along with J.F. Gagnon & Genevieve Gagnon came together to combine their passion for entertainment & philanthropy and take it a to a new level. This is how; Lovaganza came into reality. This is an entity with a great mission to bring in the best of entertainment from around the world and showcase it to the audience in an innovative way that would provoke the sense of unity and peace among them. This initiative is divided two fragments, the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise, and the Lovaganza Foundation. The Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise is profit oriented in nature, and it is involved in producing films, music, event management and shows.

Since its inception, Lovaganza has been shocking the world with their innovative ideas and bold initiatives. At this point, they are working on their 2020 UNITY celebration, and they have already created a huge buzz around the globe with this.

Very recently, on November 18, 2016, they have started recording the soundtrack for “the Marvelous 12” which is an animated film series. They have picked the Abbey Road Studios in London for this as it is regarded as the most recognized and prestigious recording facility around the world.

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The Convoy Trilogy

Their animated movie, “The Marvelous 12” is an animated movie that will narrate the backstory of their upcoming movie trilogy, the “The Lovaganza Convoy.” They have also started shooting for their movies in multiple locations in France, Spain, and the United States for this trilogy. French directors Genevieve and J F Gagnon has already created a huge buzz in Frigiliana, Spain where they are shooting the first part of the trilogy, “Follow your Sunshine” which is due to release in 2018. The second part of the trilogy, “the Prophecy” will be featuring Marie Ange Casta and it is due to be released in 2019. The third and last part of the trilogy, The New World will be released in 2020. If you didn’t know, these movies are being shot in the new Immerscope Technology that will bring in a new experience for the audience.

Lovaganza is also working hard on their promotion for the 2020 celebration as well. The Lovaganza Traveling Show in 8 different flagship locations around the world is already planned out, and it will lunch before 2020.  Javier Martinez has also created a panoramic artwork with the help of renowned artist, Javier Martinez which gives us a glimpse their celebration. All of the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter are now buzzing with it.

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