The Ultimate Gift to Charity- George Soros

George Soros has given to human right over $18 billion. He has in total given $32 billion to charity which makes Open Society Foundation the third most prominent charitable organization in the world after Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Welcome Trust. Officials from Open Society Foundation Told New York Times and Wall Street Journal that Soros had increased his giving and the latest combined donations of $18 billion represented the estimated fortune of $ 23 billion.

Open Society is a global institution which works to build vibrant and tolerance Democracies, and it gave close to $14 billion since it was founded in 1979. When the British Pound failed in 1992 due to the crashing of the European exchange rate, Soros made a lot of profit. Being a vocal supporter of liberal causes, he was among the biggest contributed to Hillary Clinton’s Failed presidential bid, and he made his latest donation creating tension in Hungary over press freedom and academic. The Solos open society foundation gave support to other related causes like discrimination of Muslims in Europe, Women LGBTI, national security, disability rights, counter-terrorism and international justice. Soros organization mad a lot of donation to foreign bodies like UNICEF and global crisis Group. In 2016 Soros donated $ 4 million to the University of Connecticut’s Human Right Institute.

To end poverty in Africa, Soros contributed $75 million to Millennium Villages Projects and the Millennium Promise. This project was to address issues like food, water, Energy, education, business development tools, and access to health care. In the early 70s, Soros was supporting Black students to attend the University of Cape Town in South Africa. In the early 90s, Soros contributed $880 million to help fund the Central European University in Budapest. He also donated $100 million to universities throughout the former USSR. He also supported childhood development and K-12, but most of donations and contribution were the majority of higher education which didn’t help the disadvantaged minorities. Learn more about his profile at

George Soros had put more helpful resources towards promoting his democratic ideas. He also made a lot of contribution to education, health and humanitarian efforts across the globe. The president of Solos opens society foundation Chris Stone would severally be quoted saying “we try to understand who is vulnerable, who are marginalized, who are oppressed, society by society, place by place.” This would only be achieved by promoting higher education although the foundation also had other plans or promoting freedom of information, media freedom and anti-corruption efforts. He also donated $100 million to universities throughout the former USSR. He also supported childhood development and K-12, but most of donations and contribution were the majority of higher education.

George Soros has made a great impact in the society with his contribution with helped the most vulnerable people in the society. His contributions have been appreciated by many. He has set a very goal high goal, and most people look up to him. By giving back to the society, he appreciates people and wants to help. It is a good gesture, and it should be taken up by every great leader in the society. Read his profile at Forbes.

Thor Halvorssen Not Afraid to Get Hands Dirty for Human Rights

Thor Halvorssen is not afraid to take the heat so long as it serves a human rights purpose. The 40-year-old Venezuelan of Norwegian descent speaks perfect American English. He attended the Pennsylvania University in the United States, and he founded the Human Rights Foundation in New York City. Despite the fact that the human rights activist comes from wealth, he’s not afraid to jump into the fight.

Take his film The Sugar Babies, for example. The film that he produced focus on human trafficking within the Dominican Republic. The film specifically explored big business’s role in human trafficking when it comes to the sugar trade. The film aggressively went after one particular family living in West Palm Beach.

The film debuted at Florida International University to much scrutiny. People who attended to see the film had a dangerous exchange with a Dominican political envoy. The police were called in to calm down the unruly crowd. It seems that Thor Halvorssen touched on a hotspot within the sugar trade business.

Many people on the right have criticized the film for being too harsh on big business. Thor Halvorssen stands by his film and invites the hatred of big businesses involved with human trafficking. The man is really not afraid to stick his neck out.

He is so defiant in the face of human rights violations that he is not afraid to be on the hit list of unilateral dictators around the world. One of the most famous unilateral dictators on planet Earth, Kim Jong Un, really hates Thor Halvorssen. Thor Halvorssen took his Human Rights Foundation to the southern order of the demilitarized zone separating the Korean nations. He helped locals float balloons into North Korea that had all sorts of educational materials attached to them. The goal was to educate the lucky people who found these balloons. By exposing the leader of North Korea to be the ruthless dictator that he is, Thor Halvorssen hopes to inspire a revolution inside the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea. It is actions like these that put him in the crosshairs of very dangerous world leaders and click here more information.