Andrew Rolfe Assists African Children

The Ubuntu Fund recently hosted their 10th Annual Gala dinner. Thanks to their Chairman and longtime supporter Andrew Rolfe, the dinner was a huge success and their funding goal was reached. They raised over 900,000 dollars which will be used to support the new school district in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. That area is extremely overrun by crime and so many protests that most children are unable to go to school at all. The Ubuntu Fund also has goals to place a pediatric clinic on the campus so that the students are able to receive proper medical attention. They will soon be increasing in size so they are able to help even more students than they currently do.

There were several speakers that were invited to the Gala in order to share their stories of how the Ubuntu Fund helped them during their life. The most notable was Sinesipho Rabidyani, who was given a scholarship by the organization when she was just a small girl. At the time, she suffered daily under the hand of her father and this gave her the opportunity to escape into the world of academia. She is now attending law school and says she could not have done it without the support of the Ubuntu Fund.

Andrew Rolfe studied philosophy, politics, and economics at Oxford University and then went on to get his masters degree from the Harvard business school. After that, he went on to become the Director of Book Plc and the Pepsico Vice President Operations Europe, where he worked operationally all over the country. He then worked in operations again, when he got a job with Pret A Manger, a food retailer in London. He managed to turn eh company around and lead them to international success. In 2003, Andrew was given the opportunity to work with GAP where he became the President of their International Division.

Andrwe is currently worked at Towerbrook Capital Partners where he is their Senior Managing Partner. At Towerbrook, he is in charge of investing all over Europe and the United States. Given his work in South Africa with the Ubuntu Fund, Andrew obviously has a talent for working and managing companies internationally.