Troy McQuagge: The Story of a Leader

In the world of business, image means everything. Therefore, businesses require great leaders. Not only do businesses need strong leaders, they also need to know how to run a business. With that being said, few businessmen can compare to the offerings of Troy McQuagge. For those unaware, Troy McQuagge boasts years of talent and utilization of leadership. Currently, Troy serves as the CEO of USHealth Group. Moreover, the company operates out of Fort Worth, Texas. In addition, the company focuses its efforts on providing health care solutions to self-employed individuals and small business owners and more information click here.

Overall, the company’s mission consists of utilizing the expertise of its staff in order to market cost-effective, yet lucrative goods and services. Moreover, the company prides itself on superior customer service. With that being said, the company fairs better than most of its competitors. Due to his unmatched work ethic, Troy has received numerous awards and accolades. To name a few, Troy won the CEO of the Year during the acclaimed One Planet Awards. This remains noteworthy due to the One Planet Awards’ status as a reputable event and Troy on Facebook.

Moreover, the event awarded people from all walks of life in the business industry. In addition, Troy’s history with USHealth Group Inc. goes back more than seven years. Since his arrival to the company, he has provided numerous income streams. As a result of his efforts, he became the CEO of USHealth in 2014. With Troy as the company’s leader, the company has experienced an insurmountable amount of growth. Moreover, its revenues eclipse that of its competitors. Aside from his successes at the company, Troy has an extensive insurance background. Initially, he began his career by working with Allstate Insurance Company. In 1995, he joined the United Insurance Companies Incorporated. By 1997, he became the company’s president. In 2006, Troy remained responsible for all of the sales and marketing activity within the company. As a result, the company’s sales volume increased to $1 billion dollars. In addition, Troy hails from an educational background. Therefore, he received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Central Florida in 1983.

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Highland Capital: The Undisputed Credit and Asset Management Guru

Highland Capital Management, L.P. is a leading American investment advisory firm with its headquarters based in Dallas, Texas and regional offices in New York, Sao Paulo, Singapore, and Seoul. The firm is SEC-registered and is an expert in offering credit strategies, including credit hedge funds, long-only funds and separate accounts, private equity, collateralized loan obligations, and alternative investments. Their clients range from the government, public pension plans, foundations, and financial institutions.

Foundation and Growth

Highland Capital started in 1990 as a partnership between co-founders James Dondero and Mark Okada in collaboration with Protective Life Insurance Corporation. The enterprise mainly focused on money markets such as the management of senior secured bank loans. Three years later, the business progressed to become Protective Asset Management with Protective Life Insurance Corporation owning 60 percent of the stakes and the co-founding partners James and Mark owning the rest. In 1997, James and Mark bought all the shares owned by Protective Life Insurance, formed Ranger Asset Management, and later rebranded it to Highland Capital Management. The company has since expanded in leaps and bounds to turn into one of the largest collateralized loan obligation managers with almost $15.4 billion assets placed under its watch. With over 20 years’ experience and top-notch research professionals, the company has continued to create unique products through market surveys to help their clients in risk management. Highland has become one of the renowned asset management firms worldwide.

Philanthropy and Awards

Highland Capital has been actively involved in philanthropy mainly focusing on education, veteran’s programs, violence eradication, and health care. Highland capital together with its staff is passionate about impacting positive influence to the community as well as national non-profit organizations by volunteering, donating funds, and participating in advisory boards. Since 2005, the company has contributed an excess of $10 million to charity. Following their impeccable experience, Highland Capital together with its affiliates has received several awards, including being named as one of the pleasant places to work by Dallas Business Journal in 2015 and was awarded two honors during 2016 Alt Credit Intelligence U.S. Performance Awards.

Martin Lustgarten: The Investment Banker

Martin Lustgarten is a well-recognized investment banker with an enthusiasm for living life large. He well known for his skills for recognizing industry’s trends before they start and taking measure to benefit from them before his competitors could even realize that there was such an opportunity. He is smart and hardworking, these are the characteristics that make up Martin Lustgarten and he is also one of the fastest growing wealthy investment bankers.

Martin Lustgarten loves to go around the world looking for new investment opportunities as he travels and also to get the experience of the different cultures. He likes to research and analyze the opportunities in the investment banking. He gets the information from this important research and comes up with better investment techniques that gain his investors some income.

He has been a resourceful professional in the investment banking industry even as the worlds’ undergoes various economic shake-up due to an event that has occurred in the world in the past. For example after the election of the Trump as the then U.S president-elect as well as Brexit, that sent shock waves in the industry. Trump presidency had promised to shake the strength of the global stock market, however, things seem bright currently for the investment bankers such Martin. This is because of the impressive performance in the industry in the last quarter of 2016, this year might be even better.

Although there was a mixed feeling about the Trump presidency, the investors are now confident that Trump will enable greater profits and growing assets portfolios in the future. The stock in the investment banking solely rose by 25 percent, experts continues to forecast that there will be a rise in this static in the future.

For the individuals who would like to work for the investment banking, there are various firms in the industry that worth working for. For example the Goldman Sachs, this is a top performing financial investment bank, so it provides better opportunity for starting a career in the investment banking. One of the factors that the Goldman Sachs is recognized for is their workplace policies as well as ethics.