InnovaCare Adds Three Leadership Positions To Their Managed Health Care Program

InnovaCare works hard to ensure that their clients are number and their health care program is a top priority. They lead the industry in managed health care and believe in building a strong team that is willing to embody their mission statement. Rick Shinto, M.D., MBA & President and Chief Administrator Officer of InnovaCare values the worth of building a strong team to better serve his clients. A team that works together will know how to give the beneficiaries the right advice that will help them choose their program options. Their managed health care plan offers their customers a Medicare Advantage Plan with additional extended services.

InnovaCare has over 690,000+ satisfied beneficiaries nationwide. They were named in a recent PRN News article as one of the top managed health care providers in North America. The original Medicare Plan has limited service options, but InnovaCare offers routine medical and dental options as extended coverage under their Medicare Advantage Plan according to Penelope Kokkinides.

Business Wire has reported that InnovaCare Health has added three additions to their Puerto Rico subsidiary in an attempt to improve their services to include superior coverage to their residents. In a complex medical environment their managed health care provider wants to build their leadership and is proud to have their new members as a part of their team. The ever-changing forefront of health industry requires a leading managed health care provider. Beneficiaries on can rest assured that they will get the coverage they need tailored to fit their unique medical needs. Low income and elderly individuals have the option of getting affordable managed health care options.

Most beneficiaries complain about the cost of the Part D program because this covers your prescription drugs and can be expensive. InnovaCare strives to keep the cost of prescription drugs affordable. Beneficiaries are responsible for a small portion of their monthly premiums, but the federal government picks up the rest. You would also have to pick between a Part A and B coverage plan to coexist with your drug prescription plan. You will have the coverage that you need when you need it because they provide remarkable coverage that is unmatched by other managed health care providers with InnovaCare.