Amazing! George Soros Donates 80 Percent Of Wealth To Charity

George Soros has just made a donation that has stunned the world. He donated eighteen billion dollars to charity. According to CNBC, this amounts to eighty percent of his wealth. George Soros started donating huge sums of money to charity back in 1979. This was a number of years after he started Soros Fund Management, a highly successful hedge fund that turned George Soros into one of the wealthiest people in the world.

The eighteen billion dollar donation went to the Open Society Foundations. This is a network of charitable foundations that George Soros founded. They operate in more than one hundred countries. They work on causes such as refugee assistance and health assistance. This means that the Open Society Foundations are now one of the top charitable organizations in the world. In fact, in the United States, they are only behind the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Unfortunately, ever since the massive donation that he has made, George Soros has been facing hate and demonization from various groups, mostly right wing conspiracy groups. These groups, which belong to the alt-right, are making up conspiracy theories about George Soros, according to the Atlantic. They are saying that he is the cause of all the trouble in the world. They are saying that he is the one behind groups such as Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and the Women’s March. Roy Moore, who lost the race for the Senate in Alabama because of credible allegations of child molestation, started saying that George Soros paid the women to come forward with their accusations. According to them, he must be a very busy person indeed.

George Soros has been supporting Democratic candidates for a long time. He donated twenty seven million dollars to prevent George Bush from getting reelected. That is why the right wing extremists hate him so much.

However, it would seem that they hate him for another reason, which is his philanthropy. They just can not stand the fact that there is a man who is willing to donate billions of dollars for the support of freedom and democracy all around the world. They just can’t stomach the notion. However, George Soros is not backing down. He will continue to support democracy groups. His recent donation of eighteen billion dollars is a clear indication of where his heart is. It is also terrifying the right wing extremists who hate democracy and freedom for all. They know that with this donation, the Open Society Foundations will be able to use its power to promote freedom. Breitbart started calling the donation the death star. This is just proof that the donation is actually having an impact.

George Soros has long been helping people out. In the beginning, he was helping black students in South Africa with scholarships. He then started helping anti communists in Hungary. He moved on to help the Roma people in Europe, who needed help becoming integrated with the European society.

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Scott Rocklage And 5 AM Ventures

Scott Rocklage is one of the managing partners of 5 AM Ventures, and he has held this position for more than 10 years. Scott Rocklage works in the company’s Boston office. Read more: Scott Rocklage | Crunchbase and Scott Rocklage | Ideamesch

He began working for the company in 2003. He has worked hard to ensure that the company is successful.

What Does His Company Do?

5 AM Ventures offers healthcare services, and they design drugs that are more effective than ones that are on the market today. Many of their drug delivery technologies have increased the bioavailability of medications and have made it possible for them to get into the body faster.

5 AM Ventures conducts extensive research on medications. The results of many of their clinical studies appear in well-known publications.

Investments In His Company:

Scott Rocklage has made 5 AM Ventures a better company to invest in. Numerous business owners have invested in the company, and the price of their stocks has increased over the years.

How Has Scott Rocklage Helped The Company To Grow?

Scott Rocklage has made it possible for the company to get three products approved by the FDA. These products have improved the lives of many patients, and they have become widely used by doctors:

  • Omniscan: Omniscan makes it possible for doctors to diagnose illnesses more accurately. It is an MRI contrast agent.
  • Teslascan: Teslascan is an MRI contrast agent, and it has improved the accuracy of the procedure.
  • Cubicin: Cubicin is a powerful antibiotic. It is thought to be an effective treatment for infections of the heart, febrile neutropenia, osteomyelitis, and bactremia. In addition to being available as Cubicin, it is sold under several other brand names, such as Cubicin RF and Premier Pro Cubicin RF.

James Dondero Joins Business School

The co founder of Highland Capital Management James Dondero has recently been appointed to join the Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business. He has been appointed to the Executive Board and will therefore participate in helping the school provide the best student experience. This recent appointment is an expansion of James Dondero’s and Highland Capital Management’s commitment to assisting the university. Along with being appointed to the school’s Executive Board, James and his company have endowed the school with the Highland Capital Management Tower Scholars. With this program, students will be encouraged to pursue academic and professional opportunities in public policy.

James Dondero founded Highland Capital Management in 1993. With his firm, he has helped manage a number of hedge funds and private equity securities for many clients. Dondero and his firm often assist large companies such as institutional investors manage their capital. For over two decades, James has been able to introduce a number of financial security options such as collateralized loan obligations. With the assistance of James and his firm, large companies will be sure to get the best returns when investing their capital.

Dondero attended the University of Virginia and majored in accounting and finance.  After he completed college, James then began working in the finance industry as a credit analyst. This position allowed him to gain some important experience that would help him advance in his career. Over the course of his career, he would get positions of higher responsibility in the finance industry. His advancement peaked when he became the chief investment officer of a firm. At this position, he would manage the capital for large companies such as American Express. When managing capital for these companies, James would oversee assets as much as $2 billion. After working the finance industry, he would then found his own firm to pursue his goal of becoming an entrepreneur.

Significant Contributions of Mr. and Mrs. DeVos to the Education Sector in the U.S

For the past 30 years, Mr. and Mrs. DeVos have been in the political limelight. Betsy has served on the Republican Committee while Dick once runs for governor on a Republican ticket. They own a company, Windquest. This organization is invested in technology, manufacturing and on sustainable energy. It launched in 1989. One of the crown jewels of their empire is the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. Education has always been a dear topic to the power couple. They have built and supported nonprofit organizations like the Alliance for School Choice, the American Federation for Children (AFC).

The Future Looks Bright

Speaking in an interview with, Mrs. DeVos reiterated her confidence and optimism on the signs of progress made by the publicly funded, private choice programs across the nation. The number of students enrolling in the educational-choice programs stands at around 25,000 and this figure is expected to keep on rising, indefinitely. Essentially, the program is aimed at providing a safe environment for kids. The education savings account makes it possible for parents to save.

Michigan’s First Charter School Bill

Their motivation to set up the project arose from witnessing the suffering of the low-income parents in Potter’s House Christian School in Michigan. Dick ran for the chair of the State Board of Education and got elected in 1990. Three years later, the couple was involved in the passing of Michigan’s first charter-school bill.

Mrs. DeVos’ biggest achievement is the introduction of the tax-credit scholarship program in Florida. Moving forward, she predicts that there will be over 1 million students in their programs in the coming years once states like Louisiana and Indiana come onboard. Her only concern, however, is the issue of partisan politics interfering with the tremendous progress already made. To her, education ought to be non-partisan.

Raising Public Awareness

The couple has had to use their resources to put up billboards, web ads, mailings and even using radio stations.

About Dick DeVos

Forbes named him as the 67th richest person in the U.S with total a net worth of $5.1 billion. After serving as the president of Orlando Magic, the NBA franchise, for a while, he quit and returned to take over the helm of Amway, their family business. Dick DeVos is a top contributor to the Republican Party in his home state of Michigan. He is married to Betsy DeVos, and they have four children.