I have come to know Securus technologies as the most reliable company when it comes to matters of felonious justice in solving technological issues for public protection. I like the fact that they have come up with explicit references to various locations so that it can be possible to protect the needs of the blameless in the society. What fascinates me about this company is that building security in their work is part of them. They cannot come up with any product without considering the safety part because they have taken it as their duty to serve and put in place safety measures in the technology sectors.

I have come across many customers who have dealt with this company there before, and their feedback towards the services offered by Securus Technologies is fantastic. Through interactions, one of the customer’s said that he was able to catch some of his staff red-handed who was trying to introduce black market products into his organization. This kind of investigation has made me put a rubber stamp that in real sense Securus technologies is a company that has worked day nights to see it that there is safety all around. It has also helped to get rid of the criminals.

I have noticed that this company has gradually developed with time. Due to the high levels of criminals who are intellectually sharp, the company has undergone a revolution from one stage to another using a lot of creativity and innovation by having the intellectually talented personnel. I am impressed by the company’s mission and vision which shows their assertiveness in investigative outlook. I like the products from Securus technologies like the LBS Software which has helped various groups in recovering some of the lost items including money. It can’t be possible to get back this lost items if at all this software is not in place. I would like to highly appreciate Securus Technologies for the excellent work they are doing to make sure that the innocent don’t suffer and the criminals don’t just escape.

Securus Takes Video Visitation Nationwide

Securus Technologies has announced that it will take its popular Video Visitation service on an ad campaign across North America. For the remainder of the year, Securus plans on showcasing to the civilian population all of the benefits their services can afford them.


Richard A. Smith, Securus Technologies’s Chairman and CEO, has stated that the service his company provides offers the most progressive solution to in-person visits for those serving sentences. With more than 160,000 visits taking place per month on the Video Visitation platform, Smith wants to see that number grow by making more people aware of its existence.


Despite the influence Securus has as a tech provider to many of the correctional facilities across the US, Smith points out that each facility has its own rules on how visitation works.  With its ability to connect those serving sentences and their families in the civilian population, the constraints imposed on those wanting to visit can be lifted. Convenience enters the equation in a way that makes life for the civilian easier while ensuring that inmates continue to have access to their families.


In an era where connectivity is a feature that many look for in nearly all electronic devices and where services like Skype is an essential application to have at the ready, Video Visitation offers a service that is both expected from many consumers while maintaining the ease of access they’re all used to. Smith has long argued that this is the most effective solution to keeping inmates in touch with family while also making sure that that respective prison populations and their surrounding communities aren’t constrained to limits that are perhaps not as easy to adhere to as maybe they once were.


About Securus Technologies:


Securus Technologies operates from their headquarters in Dallas, Texas. With more than 20 years servicing law enforcement and correctional facilities across North America, Securus has risen to be one of the premiere tech solutions companies in its market.  This includes taking on responsibilities that contribute to investigations, monitoring, communications and relaying emergency information to surrounding communities to ensure surrounding areas continue to operate in relative comfort and safety.