George Soros Philanthropy:

*George Soros: Life as a Philanthropist:

George Soros is a successful businessman as well as Philanthropist. George Soros is a man that believes in giving back to those less fortunate. Mr. Soros has contributed a great deal of his own wealth to various charities. In addition, George Soros is a modest man that does not seek recognition from the public for the good in which he has done. Mr. Soros donates large sums of money to his own foundation which is called “Open Society Foundation“. In addition, the Open Society Foundation uses donations to help issues concerned with people and public health. Therefore, a great deal of George Soros contributions assist public health organizations that deal with health epidemics and how to minimize them. Also, “Refugee Relief” is another strong focus of the Open Society Foundation.

*Open Society Foundation/ Refugee Relief:

Refugee Relief came about due an act of legislation which was passed back in the early 1950’s. The Refugee Relief Act is directly related to resettlement law. This law enabled immigrants to legally enter the United States under certain provisions. Therefore, those residing in foreign countries could come to America in search of a better life. Mr. Soros has been a long time supporter of immigrants eager to come to the United States to seek a better standard of living as well as employment opportunities. It is estimated that George Soros contributes up to 75% of his wealth to the “Open Society Foundation”.George Soros began giving to charity back in the late 1970’s.

By the late 1970’s Soros Fund Management a company founded by George Soros became an ultimate success. In addition, Soros Fund Management made Mr. George Soros a very wealthy and a successful businessman.George Soros is one of the most successful investors. In 2017, it was estimated that Mr. Soros is worth well over $5 billion dollars. All of George Soros wealth is self-made. He was quoted as saying “we all must fail at something at sometime in our lives to learn from our mistakes”. Therefore, correcting our mistakes helps us to learn and make the necessary modifications so that a person will be successful.Finally, George Soros is a definite contributor to causes that he feels are important. He is a man that made a name for himself in business and he has certainly put his earnings to good use with the foundation in which he created the “Open Society Foundation”.

Sentient AI – Hyper-personalization

In the present hyper-commoditized market where significant brands dominate the competition on logistics and price, the best way to win customers is through outstanding experience. Personalization is the key to delighting consumers online at scale. In the end, continually appreciating customers and delivering on the brand promise is how a brand remains relevant. And although personalization has been around for quite a while, using artificial intelligence for the same creates a whole different experience through tools laser-focused on customization in the following ways:

Optimized send frequency

With contextual personalization, digital marketers now have a brilliant opportunity to make content that is relevant to a person using the user’s current situation. Moreover, AI is expected to bring change to solve the problem of marketing pressure being too high. AI can be used to analyze a client’s purchase history as well as their email habits. Such analysis of demographic and behavioral data is used to ascertain a user’s preferred content type as well as the appropriate time to send the content. Branded content will come in via the rich data drawn from the client interaction with content, displaying consumer preferences and purchasing stage.

Unified programmatic media buying.

Through Artificial intelligence, an additional dash of relevancy on programmatic ads can be achieved. On the side of the consumer, AI helps in creating individualized ads that specifically target a website visitor. Also, AI bots take care of the payment and invoices of ad transactions providing digital marketers more necessary information.

Chatbot-based customer service

More than fifty percent of companies fail to identify their customers during contact hence losing business. Automated bots not only create a seamless customer service experience but also respond on time. Bots work by addressing the customer’s purchase history and the preferences that are already known. Moreover, chatbots are a cheap way of handling customer service through phone. However, bots will only bring hyper-personalization benefits if they have access to collective shopper profiles with real-time data.

Predictive customer service.

Knowing when a customer will reach out next is essential. A new artificial intelligence technology that can predict with more than eighty percent certainty why on which conduit, and for which product different clienteles will seek out help for next.

The Ultimate Gift to Charity- George Soros

George Soros has given to human right over $18 billion. He has in total given $32 billion to charity which makes Open Society Foundation the third most prominent charitable organization in the world after Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Welcome Trust. Officials from Open Society Foundation Told New York Times and Wall Street Journal that Soros had increased his giving and the latest combined donations of $18 billion represented the estimated fortune of $ 23 billion.

Open Society is a global institution which works to build vibrant and tolerance Democracies, and it gave close to $14 billion since it was founded in 1979. When the British Pound failed in 1992 due to the crashing of the European exchange rate, Soros made a lot of profit. Being a vocal supporter of liberal causes, he was among the biggest contributed to Hillary Clinton’s Failed presidential bid, and he made his latest donation creating tension in Hungary over press freedom and academic. The Solos open society foundation gave support to other related causes like discrimination of Muslims in Europe, Women LGBTI, national security, disability rights, counter-terrorism and international justice. Soros organization mad a lot of donation to foreign bodies like UNICEF and global crisis Group. In 2016 Soros donated $ 4 million to the University of Connecticut’s Human Right Institute.

To end poverty in Africa, Soros contributed $75 million to Millennium Villages Projects and the Millennium Promise. This project was to address issues like food, water, Energy, education, business development tools, and access to health care. In the early 70s, Soros was supporting Black students to attend the University of Cape Town in South Africa. In the early 90s, Soros contributed $880 million to help fund the Central European University in Budapest. He also donated $100 million to universities throughout the former USSR. He also supported childhood development and K-12, but most of donations and contribution were the majority of higher education which didn’t help the disadvantaged minorities. Learn more about his profile at

George Soros had put more helpful resources towards promoting his democratic ideas. He also made a lot of contribution to education, health and humanitarian efforts across the globe. The president of Solos opens society foundation Chris Stone would severally be quoted saying “we try to understand who is vulnerable, who are marginalized, who are oppressed, society by society, place by place.” This would only be achieved by promoting higher education although the foundation also had other plans or promoting freedom of information, media freedom and anti-corruption efforts. He also donated $100 million to universities throughout the former USSR. He also supported childhood development and K-12, but most of donations and contribution were the majority of higher education.

George Soros has made a great impact in the society with his contribution with helped the most vulnerable people in the society. His contributions have been appreciated by many. He has set a very goal high goal, and most people look up to him. By giving back to the society, he appreciates people and wants to help. It is a good gesture, and it should be taken up by every great leader in the society. Read his profile at Forbes.


I have come to know Securus technologies as the most reliable company when it comes to matters of felonious justice in solving technological issues for public protection. I like the fact that they have come up with explicit references to various locations so that it can be possible to protect the needs of the blameless in the society. What fascinates me about this company is that building security in their work is part of them. They cannot come up with any product without considering the safety part because they have taken it as their duty to serve and put in place safety measures in the technology sectors.

I have come across many customers who have dealt with this company there before, and their feedback towards the services offered by Securus Technologies is fantastic. Through interactions, one of the customer’s said that he was able to catch some of his staff red-handed who was trying to introduce black market products into his organization. This kind of investigation has made me put a rubber stamp that in real sense Securus technologies is a company that has worked day nights to see it that there is safety all around. It has also helped to get rid of the criminals.

I have noticed that this company has gradually developed with time. Due to the high levels of criminals who are intellectually sharp, the company has undergone a revolution from one stage to another using a lot of creativity and innovation by having the intellectually talented personnel. I am impressed by the company’s mission and vision which shows their assertiveness in investigative outlook. I like the products from Securus technologies like the LBS Software which has helped various groups in recovering some of the lost items including money. It can’t be possible to get back this lost items if at all this software is not in place. I would like to highly appreciate Securus Technologies for the excellent work they are doing to make sure that the innocent don’t suffer and the criminals don’t just escape.

An Insightful Overview of Rocketship Education and its Unique Qualities

Rocketship Education prides itself on being a non-profit network made up of public elementary charter institutions or schools. These schools are mainly meant for low-income students residing in neighborhoods where accessing excellent schools is a daunting task. The network is built on the firm belief that transformative academic institutions ought to go beyond educating students. Instead, they inspire the nearby communities, engage parents, and empower teachers.

All schools under the Rocketship Education are spearheaded by the belief that each child has the potential to go beyond the expectations of society. The charter schools are committed to eradicating the achievement gap that currently exists. Students studying under the Rocketship program are dubbed Rocketeers. They receive personalized instruction that is tailored to meet their specific learning needs.

How are Rocketship Schools Different

Rocketship Education offers a blended learning model that integrates tutoring, technology, and traditional instruction. Hence, this unique structure allows each Rocketeer to study or learn at their pace. Additionally, three critical pillars including engaged parents, personalized learning and excellent leaders and teachers bind all the schools under the Rocketship network.

Charter schools under the Rocketship umbrella utilize parents to aid in picking teachers who are hired months before the commencement of classes. In fact, an article by Perry Stein on The Washington Post revealed how parents got involved in interviews for teachers at the network’s first charter school in Washington D.C. The co-founder and CEO of Rocketship, Preston Smith, highlighted this unique attribute by stating that parents participate in job interviews in a given manner at each school.

Students studying at Rocketship schools believe in innovation. In fact, the schools go an extra step to build better ways overcoming the impossible. Rocketeers are also taught to pursue excellence, which allows the chain of schools to boost its results in response to feedback and data.

Rocketship schools are built around and upon the community. As a result, the schools source out teachers from the nearing areas or neighborhoods. They also strive to exude the values and vision of every community. As such, the school leaders and staff select culturally relevant units derived from the field trips students take or even the books they read.

EOS Has Lip Balm Flavor Options For Everyone

Different people want to use different types of flavors on their lips when they are moisturizing them, and the EOS brand understands that. This is a brand that has created lip balm products in a variety of flavors so that they could meet the needs of everyone who is interested in what they put out. The EOS brand has created minty options that are made for those who are looking for something that is fresh and that will make them feel clean. They have released a Sweet Mint lip balm, a Vanilla Mint option, a Peppermint Mocha one, and more. This brand has products available to those who love mint.

Those who are interested in fruit flavors when it comes to the lip balm that they use will find that EOS has put out products to meet their needs, as well. According to, EOS has created many fruit flavored lip balms, using some fruits that most people would not think to include in such products. Some of the fruit flavored options from EOS include Pomegranate Raspberry, Blueberry Acai, and Summer Fruit, all are available here on If someone loves using fruit flavors on their lips, the EOS brand has products out that will help them do that and feel good about what they are doing.

Boraie Development Projects Change The Face Of New Brunswick

New Brunswick is one of those New Jersey cities that doesn’t get the respect it deserves. The people who live on the East Coast are familiar with this 400-year-old city because Johnson and Johnson, the famous drug and home product manufacturer, calls New Brunswick home. Plus, the old, but remodeled, New Jersey State Theater is part of the long history of New Brunswick. And let’s not forget about Rutgers University. Rutgers is one of the oldest universities in the country. For more details visit Central Jersey Working Moms.

The city has the 1960s migration to the suburbs in its DNA, and the 1970s gang-infested downtown streets are in the city’s genes too. Just like other big New Jersey cities, New Brunswick’s leadership had identity issues, but Egyptian native, and chemist, Omar Boraie knew exactly what New Brunswick needed, and it was a good urban renewal project. Omar Boraie thought the old buildings on Albany Street could be a good investment, so he went out on a real estate limb. He almost bought the entire street, according to a Central Jersey Working Moms article.

In the 1980s, Sam Boraie, the chemist, morphed into Omar Boraie, the real estate developer. That progression was the catalyst for Boraie Development LLC. Mr. Boraie didn’t want the building on Albany Street; he wanted the property so he could build office and apartment buildings. Boraie Development was the first company to turn Albany Street into Albany Street Plaza Towers I and II over the course of the next three decades. The Aspire, Omar Boraie’s luxury high-rise in downtown New Brunswick is certainly New York city worthy. The Aspire has New York-style studio apartments. Plus the large one and two-bedroom apartments make living in New Brunswick feel very metro. Check out Fundacity to know more.

But Boraie Development is not just a one-city real estate development company. Boraie and his three children are active in other New Jersey cities. The Newark luxury condo project, along the river, is one of the most popular Boraie collaborations. Sam Boraie got together with basketball legend, Shaq O’Neil, and they put Newark on the luxury condo map. And Omar wanted to bring some life back to Atlantic City, so his firm bought a piece of property nobody wanted, and it is bringing people back to the gambling mecca to live. The 250-apartment complex is another Boraie luxury complex project, and it has given the gaming mecca a shot in the arm. Check out his website

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Enjoy Simply SoSier Lips With EOS Lip Balm

Why allow your lips to suffer with prolonged dun exposure, or extreme cold? Dry chapped lips are not cool in a new millennium with an appearance driven new generation. They’ve quickly latched on to the all-natural skin care revolution, and with radiant results very important to their selfies. You too, can retain your useful appearance with a hypoallergenic formula safe for all skin including acne prone skin types. Give your lips the top brand in the industry for under $10 with EOS lip balm products, buy here at  Thousands of customers prefer their beauty care aid 10 to 1 over other big name providers like Chapstick.


What Popular EOS Brand Are Customers Choosing

Amazingly, millions of EOS lip balm products have been sold as a trusted brand with no logo. There are two new products under the EOS lip balm brand offering the original organic formula, and standing out in a competitive beauty market. Both of which, are packed with the unique combination of shea with a buttery texture, and jojoba oil that acts fast, and pro ides healing. Evolution of Smooth is preferred because of cool flavors like Lemon Drop with aromatherapy to match, and a new Crystal brand with a simply cute frosty circular container, view here.

Their exclusive based formula is clinically tested to last up to 12 hours. However, as a cruelty-free brand, EOS products are committed to never being tested on animals. Find their products exclusively on the EOS website with other beauty care items like shaving cream, hand, and body lotion. They also have their products listed on the beauty care aisle of select retailers, and enjoy a two pack brand for a spare container of EOS lip balm when you need it. Their amazing brand is still easy to find at the bottom of your cluttered purse, and available on the beauty care aisle of select retailers.

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Richard Blair Stays on the Forefront of the Investment Industry

Richard Blair is the founder of Austin, Texas based Wealth Solutions. The company is a registered investment advisor and the goal is to be able to help clients experience a positive and significant difference through investment solutions. The services offered by Wealth Solutions are retirement planning and wealth management. The main client focus is small business owners, individuals and families.


Mr. Blair holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Houston. He was influenced by education at an early as his mother and grandmother were both school teachers, as is his wife. He has firsthand experience demonstrating how education will not only build a solid knowledge base, but also build confidence. His interest was always in the finance industry and he realized he could be an asset to people by providing financial planning and investment information and advice. Following his graduation from college he took on the financial services industry and a year later he established Wealth Solutions, an independent financial advisor.


He has fine tuned his more than 20 years of experience to include retirement planning as his team helps clients make the transition from planning for and living in retirement ( He guides his clients around the typical speed bumps and potholes that can often side track a retirement plan and helps clients achieve their vision of retirement by preserving wealth created through an investment plan, as well as leaving a legacy for heirs.


Richard Blair is well aware that as the short and long term financial and investment markets change, the solutions must be flexible enough to accommodate those changes. The company offers conservative and aggressive opportunities and solutions in investments that help clients create wealth and protect it. Solutions are designed to minimize risk while maximizing profit and developing an income that is steady and consistent for the long term.


Wealth Solutions offers individual client solutions based on goals and needs. An investment portfolio is created and through an appropriate investment program, the portfolio is managed according to the level of risk the client is willing to take and the goals they wish to achieve, Blair and his team stress that success is a long term event and not a get rich overnight scheme. It takes patience, confidence and determination to work the portfolio for the long term, taking the appropriate action as the market fluctuates.


The Search of Political Freedom by End Citizens United

The establishment of End Citizens United took place on the 1st March of 2015. It refers to a committee in line with political action. At the time of formation, the intention was nothing different from transforming Citizen United and facilitate the stop of making use of vast amounts of money to carry out political endeavors. This would be enhanced by being partners with the rest of the champions.

To complement this, the End Citizens United utilizes the grassroots participation to express their political strengths in line with politics. The objective, in this case, is to categorize the amount of money within politics as a countrywide priority and to enhance the passage of pro-forms in states through the utilization of ballot measure strategies. The selection should also be in favor of the pro-reform aspirants.

It is worth noting that End Citizens United firmly believes that it is essential carrying out a re-evaluation of the financial laws that the United States currently utilizes. This emerged the moment the committee discovered that some Russian firm purchased ads whose intention was to facilitate the manipulation of the presidential elections of the year 2016. It is via the task directed to Robert Muller concerning the determination of whether there existed some collusion between the Russians and Donald Trump’s team that there exists a lot of confidence from the committee that he will do a thorough investigation. However, they lack confidence concerning the will of Washington towards stopping the influence of foreigners in elections ahead. Through such foreign interventions in the course of campaigns, the panel considers the polls of the country to be very frail.

They trust that the enormous donations that get into the country are capable of bringing down the nation’s democracy. The reason is that the aspirant who is wealthier may have a lot of influence and thus gain preference. There is the potential that such an individual could acquire adequate funds to aid the campaign through the secretive funding by the big foreign firms who will work together with them as a result. The implication, in this case, is that the citizens’ democracy will be brought down.

The investigations executed indicates that there is a close association between Russians and the 1000000 dollars utilized in the course of the campaigns. All this happens following the absence of law enforcement that favors the prevention of such as well as the availability of specific laws supporting the act. Additionally, the committee submitted a report consisting of fifteen unlawful contributions executed during the first month of 2017. To know more about us: click here.

To bring the actions of End Citizens, the United has made a presentation of the bills that can act as barriers to the foreign companies, governments as well as institutions from swaying the elections and its procedure.